The American Review of Reviews, Volume 51

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Review of Reviews, 1915

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Page 258 - to $200 and any Victor dealer will gladly demonstrate them and play any music you wish to hear. Victor Talking Machine Co. Camden, NJ, USA Berliner Gramophone Co., Montreal, Canadian Distributors Always use Victrolas with Victor Records and Victor Needles—the combination. There is no other way to get the unequaled Victrola tone. Modifying d Sounding
Page 248 - the race, seeing clearly beyond individual desires to the larger needs of mankind. The collection takes its title from a quatrain, "The Single Hound" 5 : Adventure most unto itself The Soul condemned to be; Attended by a Single Hound,— Its own Identity.
Page 11 - Ridpath takes you back to the dawn of history long before the Pyramids of Egypt were built; down through the romantic troubled times of Chaldea's grandeur and Assyria's magnificence; of Babylonia's wealth and luxury; of Greek and Roman splendor; of Mohammedan culture and refinement to the dawn of yesterday.
Page 40 - Not the name of a thing but the mark of a Service " —as the search goes on, the light gets Cheaper and Better Already you have seen triumph after triumph of this far-reaching MAZDA
Page 358 - Shall we shrink from the necessary means to maintain our free government, which our grandfathers employed to establish it and our own fathers have already employed once to maintain it? Are we degenerate? Has the manhood of our race run out? . . . With these views, and on these principles, I feel bound to tell you it is my purpose to see the draft law faithfully executed.
Page 258 - He pictures the great historical events as though they were happening before your eyes; he carries you with him to see the battles of old; to meet kings and queens and warriors; to sit in the Roman senate; to march against Saladin and his dark-skinned followers; to sail the Southern Seas with Drake; to circumnavigate the globe with Magellan; to watch that thin
Page 61 - Jr., is more than a germicide, more than a liniment—it is both. It means prompt relief from aches and pains; keeps little cuts and bruises from becoming more serious. It is especially good for children's hurts because it is so harmless and safe to use— made of pure herbs and contains no acids or minerals.
Page 11 - We will name our special low price and easy terms of payment only in direct letters. A coupon for your convenience is printed on the lower corner of this advertisement. Tear off the coupon, write your name and address plainly and mail. We do not publish our special low price for the reason Dr. Ridpath's widow derives her support
Page 61 - and prescribe Absorbine, Jr., wherever a high-grade liniment or germicide is indicated. To reduce inflammatory conditions — sprains, wrenches, painful, swollen veins or glands. To reduce bursal enlargements and infiltrations. Absorbine, Jr., is a discutient and resolvent. To allay pain anywhere—its anodyne effect is prompt and permanent. To spray the throat if sore or infected—a
Page 68 - enough for the Atwood Brand. These trees were cut down and replaced by superior varieties. So through the various processes of selection, cultivation and elimination has evolved the ATWOOD FLAVOR, as hard to describe as it is difficult to produce. People who have eaten Atwood Grapefruit say: "It U absolutely the

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