The American Conference on International Arbitration Held in Washington, D. C. April 22 and 23, 1896

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Baker & Taylor Company, 1896 - Arbitration (International law) - 247 pages
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Page 57 - Though I have been trained as a soldier, and have participated in many battles, there never was a time when, in my opinion, some way could not have been found of preventing the drawing of the sword. I look forward to an epoch when a court, recognized by all nations, will settle international differences instead of keeping large standing armies, as they do in Europe.
Page 67 - Stern Lawgiver ! yet thou dost wear The Godhead's most benignant grace; Nor know we anything so fair As is the smile upon thy face: Flowers laugh before thee on their beds And fragrance in thy footing treads ; Thou dost preserve the stars from wrong; And the most ancient heavens, through Thee, are fresh and strong.
Page 208 - ... in the foregoing article, whatever may be their origin, nature, or object, with the single exception mentioned in the next following article. ARTICLE IV. The sole questions excepted from the provisions of the preceding articles, are those which, in the judgment of any one of the nafions involved in the controversy, may imperil its independence. In which case for such nation arbitration shall be optional; but it shall be obligatory upon the adversary power.
Page 199 - That the President be and is hereby requested to invite from time to time, as fit occasions may arise, negotiations with any government with which the United States has or may have diplomatic relations, to the end that any differences or disputes arising between the two governments which cannot be adjusted by diplomatic agency may be referred to arbitration, and be peaceably adjusted by such means.
Page 30 - Ah ! when shall all men's good Be each man's rule, and universal Peace Lie like a shaft of light across the land, And like a lane of beams athwart the sea, Thro' all the circle of the golden year?
Page 187 - Queen, and the others respectively by the President of the United States, the King of Italy, the President of the Swiss Confederation, and the Emperor of Brazil.
Page 224 - Court of the nation he shall lepresent, chosen by a majority vote of his associates, because of his high character as a publicist and judge, and his recognized ability and irreproachable integrity. Each judge thus selected to hold office during life or the will of the court selecting him.
Page 191 - XXI. If unhappily any disagreement should hereafter arise between the Governments of the two republics, whether with respect to the interpretation of any stipulation in this treaty, or with respect to any other particular concerning the political or •*"L commercial relations of the two nations...
Page 96 - Lincoln's well-known dictum that "you can fool some of the people all the time, and all the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.
Page 191 - And if, by these means, they should not be enabled to come to an agreement, a resort shall not, on this account, be had to reprisals, aggression, or hostility of any kind, by the one republic against the other, until the government of that which deems itself aggrieved shall have maturely considered, in the spirit of peace and good neighborship, whether it would not be better that such difference should be settled by the arbitration of commissioners appointed on each side, or by that of a friendly...

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