The American newspaper directory and record of the press: Containing an accurate list of all the newspapers, magazines, reviews, periodicals, etc. in the United States & British provinces of North America. Also, a concise general view of the origin, rise and progress of newspapers

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Watson, 1861 - Language Arts & Disciplines - 123 pages

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Page xxxiv - CLUBS ordering four or more copies of any one or more of the above works. Thus : Four copies of Blackwood, or of one Review, will be sent to one address for $9 ; four copies of the four Reviews and Blackwood for $30 ; and so on.
Page 89 - ... searched, and a great number of copies being found, they were seized : the red ink, with which they were embellished, was said to be his blood : it was seriously adjudged that he was in league with the devil ; and if he had not fled...
Page 87 - ... with these letters he enstamped marks upon paper in a contrary direction, in the manner of a seal, until at length he formed a few lines for his own amusement and for the use of the children of his brother-in-law.
Page 86 - This man deserves to be restored to the honour of being the first inventor of printing, of which he has been unjustly deprived by others, who have enjoyed the praises due to him alone. As he was walking in the wood contiguous to the city, which was the general custom of the richer citizens and men of leisure, in the afternoon and on holidays, he began to cut...
Page 92 - ... article of news from Madrid, which speaks of putting the queen to death, and of the instruments of torture that were on board the Spanish fleet We may suppose that such paragraphs were designed by the policy of Burleigh, who understood all the artifices of printing, to excite the terrors of the English people, to point their resentment against Spain, and to inflame their love for Elizabeth.
Page 95 - Post,' in 1695, announces, that ' if any gentleman has a mind to oblige his country friend or correspondent with this account of public affairs, he may have it for 2d. of J. Salisbury, at the Rising Sun in Cornhill, on a sheet of fine paper ; half of which being blank, he may thereon write his own private business, or the material news of the day.
Page 92 - November 24th, 1588, informed the public, that the solemn thanksgiving for the successes which had been obtained against the Spanish Armada, was this day strictly observed. This number contains also an article of news from Madrid, which speaks of putting the Queen to death, and of the instruments of torture that were on board the Spanish fleet.
Page 87 - ... and none at first were printed in a more perfect manner. As this new species of traffic attracted numerous customers, thus did the profits arising from it increase his love for the art and his diligence in the exercise of it. He engaged workmen, which was the source of the mischief. Among these...
Page 107 - The Courant now purported to be " printed and sold by Benjamin Franklin in Queen Street," although he was a minor. The club proceeded without any apparent mitigation of " the Lash" The Courant was published in the name of Benjamin Franklin for some time after he left his brother ; and, for anything that appears, until its publication ceased in the beginning of the year 1727. Before this paper was discontinued...
Page xxxiv - They will occupy a middle ground between the hastily written news,items, crude speculations, and flying rumors of the daily journal, and the ponderous Tome of the future historian, written after the living interest and excitement of the great political events of the time shall have passed away. It is to these Periodicals that readers must look for the only really intelligible and reliable history of current events, and as such, in addition to their well,established literary, scientific, and theological...

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