The Anacostia Diaries

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Lulu Enterprises Incorporated, 2006 - Počet stran: 287
Everyone has a comment to make or a story to tell, but some tend to let some subjects go untouched. Francwa Sims can't do that. Like an intellectual bomb blast, Francwa Sims, acknowledged "columnist" of the "Anacostia Diaries" on the DC Independent Media Center website, writes of his personal struggles in Southeast D.C., to the political contraditions of American society, to finally the confusing and often tragic moments in the D.C. counter-culture community.The Anacostia Diaries is named after one of Southeast Washington, D.C.'s infamous impoverished neighborhoods. It features selections from his online "Diaries," personal commentary and updates.His experiences become your experiences. So empty your mind, lose yourself and drop out, because Mr. Sims is on a mission to enlighten and entertain.Blog is now at:

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