Anatomy of Pleasure

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Infinity Publishing, 2004 - Psychology - 216 pages
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Written by a well-known sexologist, psychologist, author and international sex symbol, Dr. Victoria Zdrok, Ph.D., this book is a comprehensive guide to the sexual receptivity of the human body.

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Anything that "Dr." Zdrok pushes is anti-male and feminist (oh, she's really smart, let me tell you). We men have exposed western women for the whores and materialists they really are. I bought Victoria Zdrok's audiobook on picking up and seducing women, and it was all garbage and yields zero results. She knows her material is ultimately a b/s scam, and that's why no one is buying her material. Men are opting out of being treated as trash by western females, and "Dr." Zdrok is trash, too. Her website doesn't even work because she couldn't afford to hire a web developer who knows what to do (I know how to design websites.). Overall, men are not playing their games anymore and know exactly how they are. "Dr." Victoria Zdrok is a QUACK, and I'm sorry I ever bought her e-book. She never served me well, and neither did that Playboy bunny serve her well (she had to earn money after Hefner). F**k you, western women. We real men are leaving to go to other countries where women know how to please and keep their men. You western hoes can keep digging your graves, raping and pillaging the men who still put up with your sh*t. It won't last much longer. We men know EXACTLY what you're doing to us. Period. End of Story.
I am renowned in Atlanta as a man who knows how women are, and many men have come to me for dating advice. I would never point them in this direction. In fact, I will encourage them to stay single until they find the lady they like that accepts them for who they are... a concept that "Dr." Zdrok (whore) always overlooks. We're tired of your bulls***, ladies. Get your act together.
If you need science to reinforce your sex life, YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG. "Dr." Zdrok knows this and is profiteering from it. Where can I post this over and over that can uproot "Dr." Zdrok's profits? I want her out of business and on the streets. Maybe then she'll learn.

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