The Angels of Atlantis: Twelve Mighty Forces to Transform Your Life Forever

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Inner Traditions/Bear, 2011 - Body, Mind & Spirit - 176 pages
Based on the teachings of the 12 archangels of Atlantis, this spiritual resource reveals how to become aligned with their power and wisdom. The 12 angels are depicted through extraordinary illustrations that accompany their written message, and each angel is mirrored by a priest-scientist that contributes to its divine energy. A series of exercises awakens the archetypal guidance of each incredible force, creating a spiritual environment in which joy and well-being are sustainable. Providing faith seekers with a deep connection to the ancient realm of Atlantis, these inspirations offer powerful counsel and healing.

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The Angels of Atlantis Twelve Mighty Forces to Transform Your Life Forever by Stewart Pearce This 174 page book teaching us about the Angels of Atlantis and how to work with them to have a happier and ... Read full review

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The Angels of Atlantis opens with descriptions of the twelve angels, and also of Atlantis. You may have heard much described about Atlantis before, but there is something very moving in Stewart Peace’s descriptions that feels like you are being pulled back into that ancient time. I have had visions myself of Atlantis, mostly of the underwater pyramids, and some amazing chambers of healing – but also from the experimental side with genetics. Whatever vision you have of Atlantis, it is likely to pique your curiosity, and I feel Stewart brings a balanced view of Atlantis, one that will assist to heal you from any falling into duality through the twelve Angels and what they offer in their chapter. The amazing artwork by Richard Crookes draws you in, as it is mystical, magical, alchemical, and full of light. Stewart discusses how we are preparing for transformation into our ultimate state of Homo Luminous – to live as human angels. He discusses how the higher harmonics will move through the higher dimensions and eventually merge with the source of ALL THAT IS. The twelve universal laws are discussed including the Law of Intention: -
“All energy flows through intention, and the force that is denied, refused or resisted, holds negativity rather than supreme acceptance. Therefore the Atla taught to always focus on the highest ideal, and then the higher levels of spiritual consciousness would be attained.
Stewart discusses the 12 Chakras, as they were in Atlantis, and how – through the axiatonal pathways and meridians, they were completely aligned with the physical body, enabling downloads from the unified field of light. With these pathways fully intact, source energy flows through through all the levels with ease, bringing divine energy to the earth plane, awakening eco awareness within the consciousness of each individual activating such. As the higher connection became disconnected, so did the integration disintegrate, causing depletion of the energy body (aura), and the cellular makeup altered accordingly, and the higher gifts of spirit began to diminish. The occurrence caused fear, separation, lack of trust and belief, isolation, and pain from the loss as the DNA strands diminished. This process can be reversed; bringing a return passage to the full joy that is our divine birthright. Included is an eight-pointed star meditation that is so profound, clearing distortion from your energy field. I highly recommend practising this meditation, as this allows for a deep connection with the pure essence of Atlantis, and provides a greater fusion of body and spirit. In the chapter of Angel Hanael, Stewart describes the time running up to 2012 like a planetary gymnasium for the soul, yet the shield of humility worn by Hanel protects our hearts. Focusing on what is important, our core identity and releasing our identification with ourself as separate is also discussed. We can break through the barriers to liberation, accept our sovereignty, and thereby accept the eternal as the only reality – accepting the reality of the glorious divinity within that is so resplendent.
In the chapter of Jophiel Liberation is discussed, and questions given to prompt you to answer such, and find doorways through previously locked avenues in life. The amazing temples are shared, with lucid visions of temples encrusted with beautiful jewels allowing one to ground their divine potential. Twelve Liberators positive values are discussed including: -
The fun of playful encounters and a caring regard for transmuting flesh crises into spiritual gain.
So many gems are woven through this book, as in angel Metatron: - “Change occurs when we are ripe for evolution, and if we attempt to hold back as a consequence of fear, or as we place our will to stop evolution, we also place limitations on the gift of creativity that is our true inheritance” and “`It no longer serves you to have unconfident reservations about yourself, it is no longer necessary to hold limited views about your abilities. Instead it is time to evolve even though

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Stewart Pearce is an angelic facilitator, a seer, a sound healer, and an internationally renowned voice coach who has held positions at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre and the Drama Centre of London. He is the author of The Alchemy of Voice and The Heart's Note. Richard Crookes is an artist and an illustrator who specializes in calligraphy and digital artwork.

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