The Anglo-Saxon Church: Its History, Revenues, and General Character

John W. Parker, 1835 - 316 sivua

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Sivu 326 - POPULAR PHYSIOLOGY ; being a familiar Explanation of the most interesting Facts connected with the Structure and Functions of Animals, and particularly of Man; adapted for general Readers.
Sivu 242 - The body and blood of Christ which are verily and indeed taken and received by the faithful in the Lord's Supper.
Sivu 326 - Works of the best English Writers, from LORD BACON to the Present Time. With Biographical Sketches of the Writers, and ESSAYS on the PROGRESS of ENGLISH LITERATURE. 4s. Crf. THTS volume is intended to furnish the general reader with some valuable specimens of English prose composition. They are taken from the works of those writers who have chiefly determined the style of our prose literature, and...
Sivu 331 - The principles of this beautiful and important science are explained in a clear and simple manner, so as to render the acquisition of them comparatively easy. The book is illustrated by numerous cuts of the different parts of plants, &c., and the examples, when possible, are selected from our own wild flowers, or from those cultivated in all gardens or fields, and they are cited by their familiar names. A Glossary of most of the terms usually employed is subjoined, and an Alphabetical List of the...
Sivu 324 - Editor has been induced to undertake a careful Abridgment of such works as are in most general use; and he has made it his object to extract from the original every word and sentence relating either to religion, politics, or philosophical speculation, respecting which Christian parents or teachers can have the least difference of opinion. A purified text of the best French Classical Works is, therefore, now offered for the use of young persons of both sexes, in a state which, it is trusted, will...
Sivu 319 - Essex. This Book of Family Devotion is not only drawn up in the language of the Church, but agreeably to her Form and Order for Morning and Evening Service throughout the year ; and hence is calculated to lead and confirm her members in her edifying mode of worship at Common Praver.
Sivu 319 - RAZ. — ESSAY ON THE ARCHITECTURE OF THE HINDUS. By Ram Raz, Native Judge and Magistrate of Bangalore, Corr.
Sivu 134 - From this period, consequently, we may date that cultivation of the vernacular tongue which would lead to the composition of brief chronicles,2 and other vehicles of instruction, necessary for the improvement of a rude and illiterate people. The first chronicles were, perhaps, those of Kent or Wessex; which seem to have been regularly continued, at intervals, by the archbishops of Canterbury, or by their direction,8 at least as far as the year 1001, or even 1070...
Sivu 325 - It is the first volume of a course of Natural Philosophy, intended for the use of those who have no knowledge of Mathematics, or who have made but little progress in their mathematical reading. Throughout the whole, an attempt has been made to bring the principles of exact science to bear upon questions of practical application in the arts, and to place the discussion of them within the reach of the more intelligent of that useful class of men, who are connected with the manufactures of the country....
Sivu 323 - AN ELEMENTARY TREATISE on the DIFFERENTIAL and INTEGRAL CALCULUS. By the Rev. TG HALL, MA, Professor of Mathematics at King's College, London, and late Fellow and Tutor of Magdalen College, Cambridge.

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