The Anglo-Saxon Review, Volume 5

Front Cover
John Lane, 1900 - Bookbinding
The covers are reproductions of rare bookbindings. Each volume has "Note on the binding ... By Cyril Davenport."

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Page 168 - WHEREAS the Provinces of Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick have expressed their Desire to be federally united into One Dominion under the Crown of the United Kingdom...
Page 245 - Afar in the desert I love to ride, With the silent Bushboy alone by my side, Away, away, in the wilderness vast Where the white man's foot hath never passed...
Page 114 - Were I to pray for a taste which should stand me in stead under every variety of circumstances, and be a source of happiness and cheerfulness to me during life, and a shield against its ills, however things might go amiss, and the world frown upon me, it would be a taste for reading.
Page 6 - His life was gentle, and the elements So mix'd in him that Nature might stand up And say to all the world, 'This was a man!
Page 246 - Hath rarely crossed with his roving clan : A region of emptiness, howling and drear, Which man hath abandoned from famine and fear ; Which the snake and the lizard inhabit alone, With the twilight bat from the yawning stone ; Where grass, nor herb, nor shrub takes root, Save poisonous thorns that pierce the foot...
Page 114 - Give a man this taste, and the means of gratifying it, and you can hardly fail of making him a happy man ; unless, indeed, you put into his hands a most perverse selection of books.
Page 246 - Is the pilgrim's fare by the salt lake's brink : A region of drought, where no river glides, Nor rippling brook with osiered sides ; Where sedgy pool, nor bubbling fount, Nor tree, nor cloud, nor misty mount, Appears to refresh the aching eye : But the barren earth and the burning sky, And the blank horizon, round and round, Spread — void of living sight or sound.
Page 34 - having a devil," preferred him to Mr. Canning for their leader, all men naturally expected that he would entirely fail to command even the attendance of the House while he addressed it ; and that the benches, empty during his time, would only be replenished when his highly-gifted competitor rose.
Page 32 - ... of the war, profiting by experience, we never exposed ourselves to a question of this nature, and we were supported in the war under all its accumulated burdens, by the whole energy and power of the nation. This is our compass, and by this we must steer ; and our Allies on the Continent may be assured that they will deceive themselves if they suppose that we could for six months act with them unless the mind of the nation was in the cause. They must not, therefore, press us to place ourselves...
Page 35 - ... entirely unfounded as regarded the cruelties practised during and after the Rebellion. Far from partaking in these atrocities, he uniformly and strenuously set his face against them. He was of a cold temperament and determined character, but not of a cruel disposition ; and to him, more than perhaps to any one else, was owing the termination of the system stained with blood.

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