The Annals of Otology, Rhinology & Laryngology, Volume 9

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Annals Publishing Company, 1900 - Otolaryngology

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Page 261 - with systemic absorption, accompanied by rigors, rapid and great fluctuations of temperature and central or peripheral embolic metastases, terminating usually in septic pneumonia, enteritis or meningitis. The
Page 427 - abscess there may be diverging strabismus from pressure on the third nerve, and weakness of the arm and leg on the opposite side of the body. In
Page 307 - a column of breath set in vibration by its own impact with the vocal bands and re-enforced by its diffusion through the various resonant chambers into the surrounding atmosphere.
Page 11 - it may be a new formation or a preexisting structure which has become distended by its own secretion or by extravasation into it.
Page 10 - a cavity containing liquid or pultaceous material, which is separated from the surrounding structures by a more or less distinct capsule,
Page 127 - by the actual capacity of the brain-case, but by the enormous extent of the pneumatic cellular structure between the outer and inner plates of the
Page 205 - canal; in the same percentage of cases this was just reversed; and in the remaining 13.4 per cent, these two structures were the same distance from the surface. Thus the external semicircular canal cannot be taken as a guide to the facial nerve. 3. The average distance of the facial canal from
Page 432 - clinic in Berlin. The clinical histories are almost identical with that of the case I have just described. The most striking results of this method of treatment are those obtained by Professor Macewen, and published in his work on the "Pyogenic Diseases of the Brain and Spinal Cord
Page 74 - hydrochlorate is injected into the tympanic cavity by means of a flexible tympanic catheter passed through a metallic Eustachian catheter well up into the tube. He begins with 6 to 8 drops, gradually increasing to 10, 12, 14, 16 drops; the increase in quantity of the injecting fluid depends on:
Page 272 - ordinary septicemia or pyemia, for the reason that just beyond the port of entry there is situated a collection of lymphadenoid tissue capable of restraining the growth and virulence of

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