Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science

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American Academy of Political and Social Science, 1900 - Electronic journals - 18 pages

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Page 433 - This enumeration of rights shall not be construed to impair or deny others retained by the people ; and all powers, not herein delegated, remain with the people.
Page 460 - I take to do this is not yet very usual; for instead of using only comparative and superlative words and intellectual Arguments, I have taken the course (as a Specimen of the Political Arithmetick, I have long aimed at) to express myself in Terms of Number, Weight or Measure; to use only Arguments of Sense, and to consider only such Causes, as have visible Foundations in Nature...
Page 378 - Shares of stock in corporations possess no intrinsic value over and above the actual value of the property of the corporation which they stand for and represent, and the assessment and taxation of such shares and also of the corporate property would be double taxation.
Page 149 - The rules adopted to improve the civil service of the Government have been adhered to as closely as has been practicable with the opposition with which they meet. The effect, I believe, has been beneficial on the whole, and has tended to the elevation of the service; but it is impracticable to maintain them without direct and positive support of Congress. Generally, the support which this reform receives is from those who give it their support only to find fault when the rules are apparently departed...
Page 413 - In all elections of representatives aforesaid, each qualified voter may cast as many votes for one candidate as there are representatives to be elected, or may distribute the same, or equal parts thereof, among the candidates, as he shall see fit; and the candidates highest in votes shall be declared elected.
Page 79 - When God made man he breathed into him a soul and warned him that in the next world he would be held accountable for the deeds done in the flesh, but when we made our man-made man we did not give him a soul, and if he can avoid punishment in this world he need not worry about the hereafter. My contention is that the government that created must retain control, and that the man-made man must be admonished : "Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth" — and throughout thy entire life.
Page 62 - The fearful spread of this pestilence has awakened a very general public sentiment in favor of national sanitary administration, which shall not only control quarantine, but have the sanitary supervision of internal commerce in times of epidemics, and hold an advisory relation to the State and municipal health authorities, with power to deal with whatever endangers the public health, and which the municipal and State authorities are unable to regulate.
Page 150 - I will regard such action as a disapproval of the system, and will abandon it, except so far as to require examinations for certain appointees, to determine their fitness. Competitive examinations will be abandoned.
Page 211 - Legislature at the first regular session after the return of every enumeration, that each senate district shall contain as nearly as may be an equal number of inhabitants, excluding aliens, and be in as compact form as practicable, and shall remain unaltered until the return of another enumeration...
Page 156 - The situation at that time was critical. A large majority of the Senate favored free silver, and it was feared that the small majority against it in the other House might yield and agree to it. The silence of the President on the matter gave rise to an apprehension that if a free coinage bill should pass both Houses he would not feel at liberty to veto it.

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