The Annual Report of the President of Harvard University to the Overseers on the State of the University for the Academic Year ...

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University Press, 1900

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Page 285 - Forbes' collection is an unusually good one, and several of the objects in it are, as 1 have said, of great excellence. In accepting gifts, or loans, we must exercise care to guard against unsuitable and spurious works ; but with the increase of interest in such things as are most desirable, we may hope, in the course of time, to receive other important additions. The accessions to the print collections for the year are as follows : To the Gray collection, by purchase, an etching, entitled Statue...
Page 216 - The fund is to be created from the net proceeds of the sales of the book, and the income of the fund is to be used for the purchase of books appropriate to the Society's library.
Page 308 - of like grade ;" and the " last annual salary in full activity " means the last regular salary as professor, excluding annual grants and extra payments. 7. The President and Fellows retain power to alter these rules, without, however, abridging the rights which individuals in the service of the University shall have acquired under them. 8. The obligation of the "President and Fellows to pay retiring allowances will be neither greater nor less than their obligation to pay salaries; so that, if misfortune...
Page 308 - The officers of the Association shall be a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary and a Treasurer, and the same person may occupy the offices of Secretary and Treasurer.
Page 63 - English Literature. — From the publication of the Lyrical Ballads to the Death of Scott (1798-1832).
Page 181 - Smith, Theobald. The Thermal Death-Point of Tubercle Bacilli in Milk and Some Other Fluids. Jour. Exp. Med. 4 : 217-233. 1899. 7 Russell, HL, and Hastings, EG Thermal Death Point of Tubercle Bacilli under Commercial Conditions. Wis. Agr. Exp. Sta. Ann. Rpt., 17, pp. 147-170. 1900.
Page 142 - Work is offered in the School of Education and in the Summer School leading to the degrees of Master of Arts. Master of Science, Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Education, and Doctor of Education. Credit for these degrees may be earned by a combination of courses completed during the Summer Session and during the academic year.
Page 12 - ... Arts in three years is certainly approaching Any young man of fair abilities can now procure the degree in three years without hurry or overwork, if he wishes to do so, or if his parents wish to have him.* * * Within a time comparatively short the majority of those who enter the freshman class will come to college with the purpose of completing the requirement for the degree in three years. The movement will be promoted by the opposition of the law faculty to the admission to that school of college...
Page 307 - Sept. 1, 1899 : — 1. Any person in the service of the University and sixty years of age, who has held an office of the grade of an assistant professorship, or of a higher grade, for twenty years, shall be entitled to a retiring allowance of...
Page 308 - In the preceding rules, years of leave of absence are to be counted as years of service, but not exceeding one year in seven. Librarians, registrars, recorders, and administrative officers of long tenure, whose salaries may be classed with those of professors and assistant professors, are considered eligible to the benefits of a retiring allowance.

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