The Anti-Estrogenic Diet: How Estrogenic Foods and Chemicals Are Making You Fat and Sick

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North Atlantic Books, May 18, 2010 - Health & Fitness - 208 pages
• Lower your risk of metabolic disorders, disease, and chronic weight gain

• Protect yourself against the estrogenic substances in the environment, products, water, and food

• Learn how certain foods and herbs can protect you!

Estrogenic chemicals—known for causing the near extinction of various living species—are found in some of the most common foods we eat.

In this revolutionary diet book, Ori Hofmekler addresses the millions of overweight and obese individuals who have failed or are disappointed with other diets—those who suffer from yoyo dieting, weight gain rebounds, or accumulation of stubborn fat in the belly and other estrogen-sensitive areas. Focusing on our current over-exposure to estrogenic chemicals in the environment, foods, and water, The Anti-Estrogenic Diet provides a practical solution to fat gain, estrogen-related disorders (PMS, endometriosis, fibrocystic disease), and increased risk of common cancers in women and men (breast, ovarian, cervical, prostate).

Allowing you to still enjoy your favorite foods, the program is based on incorporating anti-estrogenic foods, spices, and herbs into your diet, while eliminating estrogenic foods and chemicals. Exposing dietary myths and fallacies, Hofmekler teaches readers that some foods commonly regarded as “healthy” may actually be harmful and vice versa.

Special chapters dedicated to readers with different needs and health conditions, recipes, a question-and-answer section, and a list of scientific references are also included in this valuable resource.

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I have read Maximize Muscle Minimize Fat 5 times in the last 2 years. And each time I read it I learn something new. The book is very technical which goes into chemical components of how the muscle and fat work from the basic cellular level. I am strength and conditioning coach/trainer and nutritional consultant so I am kind of nerdy when it comes to metabolic pathways, mind-muscle connections, training routines, etc....
If you really want to diagnostically learn how the body responds to training, fasting, and specific eating patterns this is an awesome book.

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This book wasn't what I needed. I was looking for something that would be good information and a guide to start eating a more organic & raw diet. It has great information about why it's important but I didn't really feel like his proposed diet plan would work for me. First off it really seems geered towards people that need to lose weight or have moderate health issues. Which I have neither problems, I just want to eat healthier, so such an intensive diet seems terribly extreme for me. But perhaps for someone who needs a complete diet overhall & reset this would be good.  


Incorporating Reliable Food Combinations That Will
Address Different Disorders
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About the author (2010)

After serving with the Israeli Special Forces, Ori Hofmekler attended the Bezalel Academy of Art and the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, where he studied art, philosophy, and biology, and received a degree in Human Sciences. A world-renowned painter best known for his controversial political satire, Hofmekler’s work has been featured in magazines and newspapers worldwide, including Time, Newsweek, L’Express, Die Zeit, Der Spiegel, New York Times, People, Rolling Stones, Esquire, The New Republic, and Playboy, as well as Penthouse, where he was a monthly columnist for seventeen years and health editor from 1998—2000.

Hofmekler has published two books of political art: Hofmekler’s People and Hofmekler’s Gallery. As founder, editor-in-chief, and publisher of Mind and Muscle Power, a national health and fitness magazine, he introduced his Warrior Diet to the public in a monthly column. Hofmekler’s dietary and training methods have been endorsed by nutritional and medical experts, scientists, champion athletes and martial artists, and military and law enforcement instructors.

The Warrior Diet, LLC and Defense Nutrition, LLC currently provide nutrition and training workshops for their followers, as well as certification seminars for health experts, medical clinicians, coaches, trainers, and military and law enforcement instructors.

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