The Antichrist Whom Christ Declared: A Biblical Study of Whom Jesus Christ Considered the Antichrist to Be, and Its Implications for Today's World

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Trafford Publishing, 2006 - Всего страниц: 140
Unlike other "the antichrist is..." books, this book uses the words, teachings, and actions of Jesus Christ, to document whom he proclaimed the antichrist to be! It confirms this understanding using both Biblical Scripture and the actual events of history. It also candidly focuses upon the present to reveal both the antichrist and his wide ranging, satanic actions in today's world.
Better still, it empowers Christians of every denomination with the practical biblical insights and knowledge needed to overcome the lies and deceptions of the master of all evils.
Non-Christian readers will also find this book meaningful and practical. If only because they - like Christians - will learn how to protect themselves from those who accidentally or deliberately use Jesus Christ and the Holy Bible to promote satanic ends.
This book opens with a biblical review of who the antichrist is, along with the name which Jesus Christ actually used to proclaim him, and how this name, "mammon," is actually biblically verifiable. Next, a series of comparative studies of both history and biblical prophesy, along with the words and actions of Jesus Christ, further confirms this understanding - which is then applied to an analysis of the antichrist's evil actions and influence in all aspects of today's world - from religion and theology, to politics, to daily life and personal realities. This book ends with some practical suggestions which anyone - Christian and Non-Christian - can do to help counter the evils of Satan.

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