The Aquatic Adephaga (Coleoptera) of the Fennoscandia and Denmark. Ii. Dytiscidae: II - Dytiscidea

BRILL, 1995 - 192 pagina's
This volume treats the 157 species of predaceaous diving beetles (Dytiscidae) found in Finland, East Fennoscandia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the Baltic States. Introducing chapters provide general information about the state of knowledge and distribution, morphology of adults and larvae, bionomics, collecting and rearing. The main part comprises keys and descriptions for identification of adult beetles, including information on distribution and biology of all species. A catalogue shows provincial records in Fennoscandia and Denmark. The book contains 608 figures and 3 plates. An up-to-date, well illustrated identification manual for the Fennoscandian and Danish Dytiscidae has been wanting for decades. This work is based on the latest advances in synonymy and taxonomy of the family, and on the study of thousands of specimens in collections and field.

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Subfamily Copelatinae
Subfamily Colymbetinae
Subfamily Laccophilinae

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Pagina 3 - Dytiscidae, which is represented by 157 species in Denmark, Fennoscandia and the Baltic states. In order to facilitate identification, most of the keys have been written specifically for the taxa found in this region. For example, the keys to genera include only those genera known to occur in the region under study, and the key characters may not apply to species from other regions. On the other hand, the diagnoses given for genera and higher taxa are based on the world fauna.
Pagina 3 - On the other hand, the diagnoses given for genera and higher taxa are based on the world fauna. Species identification is always difficult in the Dytiscidae. and we recommend that the reader should always read carefully both the alternatives given at each stage in the dichotomous keys. No keys have been provided for the immature stages. It is hoped that dytiscid larvae will be dealt with in a future volume in this series.

Over de auteur (1995)

Anders N. Nilsson, Associate Professor in Zoology at the Department of Biology, University of Umea, Sweden. He has published more than 100 international papers on ecology and systematics of water beetles. He is the editor of a taxonomic handbook of the aquatic insects of N.W. Europe. Mogens Holmen, scientific candidate (1968) in Biology, University of Copenhagen, is an amateur entomologist, professionally employed at the Landscape Department of the Frederiksborg County Council. Publication of aquatic Coleoptera include "The aquatic Adephaga of Fennoscandia and Denmark I" (Brill, 1987).

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