The Arts of the Beautiful

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Dalkey Archive Press, 2000 - 189 pagine

With his usual lucidity, Etienne Gilson addresses the idea that "art is the making of beauty for beauty's own sake." By distinguishing between aesthetics, which promotes art as a form of knowledge, and philosophy, which focuses on the presence of the artist's own talent or genius, Gilson maintains that art belongs to a different category entirely, the category of "making." Gilson's intellectually stimulating meditation on the relation of beauty and art is indispensable to philosophers and artists alike.

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Informazioni sull'autore (2000)

A world-renowned philosopher and historian, Etienne Gilson held the position of Professor of Medieval Philosophy at the Sorbonne and subsequently at the College de France. He helped to found the Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies at the University of Toronto. He is the author of many works, including Forms and Substances in the Arts, The Philosopher and Theology, and The Spirit of Medieval Philosophy.

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