The Ascendancy of Economic Goals in the World Order, Washington, 1975: Report on the Eighth Meeting of Members of Congress and of the European Parliament, October 1975, Pursuant to H. Res. 315 ....

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1976 - 115 pagini
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Pagina 52 - In order to improve the functioning of the Council of the Community, they consider that it is necessary to renounce the practice which consists of making agreement on all questions conditional on the unanimous consent of the Member States, whatever their respective positions may be regarding the conclusions reached in Luxembourg on 28 January 1966.
Pagina 89 - As a result of my consultations in all our countries, I propose that the European Council should define the different components of European Union as follows: (1) European Union implies that we present a united front to the outside world. We must tend to act in common in all the main fields of our external relations whether in foreign policy, security, economic relations or development aid.
Pagina 89 - ... success. The different facets of European Union described above are closely connected. The development of the Union's external relations cannot occur without a parallel development of common policies internally. Neither can be achieved without consolidating the authority and effectiveness of common institutions. In this vast scheme everything goes together and it is the sum of the progress achieved in parallel which constitutes the qualitative change which is European Union. The rest of this...
Pagina 115 - Population (1950), 438,041. CLEMENT J. ZABLOCKI, Democrat, of Milwaukee, Wis.; born in Milwaukee, Wis., November 18, 1912; son of Mathew and Mary Jankowski Zablocki; graduate of Marquette University with a Ph. B. degree; graduate work in education at Marquette University; taught high school in Milwaukee; organist and choir director; married Miss Blanche M.
Pagina 92 - This question must however be examined frankly and in detail with the object of laying down certain principles and rules determining the content of and procedures for cooperation between Europe and the United States. In this context I propose that the European Council should take the initiative to delegate one of its members to hold talks with the United States...
Pagina 85 - I deliberately refused to draw up a report claiming to be, at least in part, the Constitution for the future European Union. Nor did I wish to describe what Europe ideally should be, while remaining personally convinced that Europe will only fulfil its destiny if it espouses federalism. The crisis in Europe is so serious that we must, in the immediate future, save what has already been achieved and, working on this basis, take drastic measures to make a significant leap forward. I had to make a difficult...
Pagina 105 - States fail to comply with their obligations; (b) Individuals must also be able to appeal directly to the Court of Justice against an act of one of the institutions of the Union infringing their basic rights; (c) Once European Union has gained its own momentum we should examine whether the Community's current legal system can be improved or extended: the Court has made proposals about this. F.
Pagina 89 - ... support of law and justice in world discussions. 2. European Union recognizes the interdependence of the economic prosperity of our States and accepts the consequences of this: a common economic and monetary policy to manage this prosperity, common policies in the industrial and agricultural sectors and on energy and research to safeguard the future. 3. European Union requires the solidarity of our peoples to be effective and adequate.
Pagina 105 - Union elements of concertation and worker participation in decision making with which we are familiar in all our States. 2. The Economic and Social Committee, which is made up differently, must carry on its work. This is of considerable service to the Community, since it draws representatives from various socioprofessional categories into common policy making. It must be regularly consulted on the development of economic and social policy, on consumer protection and on the abolition of technical...
Pagina 100 - IV. A citizen's Europe The construction of Europe is not just a form of collaboration between States. It is a rapprochement of peoples who wish to go forward together, adapting their activity to the changing conditions in the world while preserving those values which are their common heritage. In democratic countries the will of governments alone is not sufficient for such an undertaking. The need for it, its advantages and its gradual achievement must be perceived by everyone so that effort and...

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