The Baller Teacher Playbook: How to Empower Students, Increase Engagement, and Create the Culture You Want in Your Classroom

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Amazon Digital Services LLC - Kdp, Feb 18, 2021 - Education - 282 pages

Does your classroom run the way you want?

Most people enter the teaching profession wanting to make a difference in young people's lives. However, more and more teachers feel lost, frustrated, and overwhelmed with everything they're required to do.

It's hard to be successful without a clear plan on getting control of your classroom, empowering your students, and making the learning experience more enjoyable for you and your students. These 18 chapters are crucial for any educator who wants to take their teaching to the next level.

Teacher, Principal, Director, Dean, and YouTube/TikTok teacher, Tyler Tarver knows that education is more than just standing in front of students lecturing them on a specific topic - it's a culture of learning that educators foster to train the next generation. If you are attempting to be the best educator you can in the environment you're in, you need ideas and encouragement from someone who's been exactly where you are.

Even if you had the time, money, and support we know teachers deserve, we know that applying any knowledge always has a greater impact when you're able to give personal and practical application to the ideas you know matter. Besides sitting through 60+ hours a year of professional development, there is another way to incrementally improve your teaching week after week.

Spoiler Alert: It can also be fun.

Tyler Tarver learned how to create the culture he wanted in his classroom. He was able to pass this on to any educator who wanted to get excited about teaching and have a deeper impact on their students. He wrote The Baller Teacher Playbook to teach others what it takes to expand your teaching and create a community of happy and engaged learners.

These short, weekly chapters and accompanying resources will add enormous value to your classroom and the school you work for. In this 18-week guide, readers will be introduced to the top areas where truly successful teachers and their students excel:

Reason vs Excuses: How do you overcome the hurdles inherent in education?

Fun: How do you get yourself and students excited about learning?

Creativity: How do you create a culture where every day is unexpected but not chaotic?

Positivity: How can we roll with the punches but not have to fake it?

Authenticity: How can I be myself but genuinely connect with young people?

Leadership: How do I get my students to lead without me?

Collaboration: How do I work with my administrators, colleagues, and parents to better every student's education?

Diversity: How do I help build empathy and understanding among myself and my students?

Development: How am I always getting better?

Plus more!

The Baller Teacher Playbook is the must-have guide for anyone who feels lost or overwhelmed by the current educational climate, even if they have been teaching for years. Learn from a fellow educator who had their fair share of mistakes and successes through the simple but effective tactics shared in these pages.

Take things further: If you want to move forward even faster as an educational professional, read a chapter once a week with your team, and come together at weekly meetings to discuss experience, ideas, triumphs, and a community of educators trying to improve themselves and their classroom.

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