The Beauties of England and Wales: Or, Delineations, Topographical, Historical, and Descriptive, of Each County, Tom 20

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Verner & Hood, 1813

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Strona 285 - While lasts the mountain, or while Thames shall flow). I seem through consecrated walks to rove ; I hear soft music die along the grove : Led by the sound, I roam from shade to shade, By godlike poets venerable made : Here his first lays majestic Denham sung ; There the last numbers flow'd from Cowley's tongue.
Strona 98 - ... shire ? Some only for not being drown'd, And some for sitting above ground Whole days and nights, upon their breeches, And feeling pain, were...
Strona 113 - King of England, after he had escaped the swords of his merciless rebels, and his forces received a fatal overthrow at Worcester, September the 3d, 1651, was faithfully preserved and conveyed to France, departed this life the 26th day of July, 1674.
Strona 29 - Extent and Boundaries. — England (including Wales) is bounded on the north by Scotland ; on the west by the Irish Sea, St George's Channel, and the Atlantic Ocean ; on the south by the English Channel ; and on the east by the German Ocean.
Strona 205 - Topographer, containing a Variety of Original Articles, illustrative of the Local History and Antiquities of England...
Strona 38 - Ye who the merits of the dead revere, Who hold misfortune sacred, genius dear, Regard this tomb, where Collins, hapless name, Solicits kindness with a double claim. Though nature gave him, and though science taught, The fire of fancy, and the reach of thought, Severely doom'd to penury's extreme, He pass'd in...
Strona 118 - a notable man, at a thanksgiving dinner," writes a pamphleteer of the time quoted by Lysons, "having terrible long teeth, and a prodigious stomach to turn the archbishop's chapel into a kitchen, and to swallow up that palace and lands at a morsel.
Strona 9 - Thirty-eight parishes or places maintain all, or part of, their poor in workhouses. The number of persons so maintained, during the year ending Easter 1803, was 1131, and the expense incurred therein, amounted to 12,1247. 8s. 8£rf. being at the rate of 101. 14s. &{d. for each person maintained in that manner.
Strona 84 - Destitute, an asylum for persons discharged from prison, or from the hulks ; for unfortunate and deserted females, and others, who, from loss of character, or extreme indigence, cannot procure an honest maintenance, though willing to work.
Strona 79 - Monday came, all was well. Tuesday came, he not sick. Wednesday came, and still he was well ; with which his impertinent wife did much twit him in the teeth.

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