The Best Dead Husband in the World

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Kathy Reichert and her husband, Dick, have been married fifteen years-Dick has been dead for three of them.

"I became a widow just like that, half of a whole, alone in navigating an abyss of emotion. Somehow we needed to weather (this) together, to remain partners in life and in death. This is our story of spiritual connection, how we found ways to break barriers when possible and to crack the symbolic codes of communication between loving, longing souls.

I share my story for many reasons. Perhaps the more important of these is to show that ordinary people can have extraordinary spiritual experiences: that this is both healthy and helpful. There is a misconception that after death communication is disruptive to the grieving process. I believe that each of us has an assigned team of experts on the other side. You can call them angels or guides or spirit families. I call them "the Wise Ones." They are there to help us through life. Therefore, they offer only those gifts that we need to aid our growth. So, if we spend too much time looking for signs and do not move forward with our lives, they will stop. This is a team effort. You can't get lazy."

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