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Author Solutions, 2011 - Fiction - 118 pages
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Upon spending a passion-filled night with a stranger she met in Munich during the Oktoberfest, Sabrina Bauch, a German nurse working at the US Army Hospital, unexpectedly meets the man she is unable to forget. Army Captain Justin Hollander is just as happy to see her again and after a brief courtship he proposes marriage which Sabrina happily accepts. A month before their scheduled wedding, Sabrina's long-time friend and roommate, Uschi Braun is brutally raped and murdered in their apartment. When Justin is cleared to move on to his new assignment in Arizona, Sabrina joins him and once again becomes a nurse at a local hospital. She accidentally meet one of Justin's subordinates, Lieutenant Fuller, who begin to stalk her and--Sabrina feels--threaten her. When an assaulted woman is brought in while she is on duty at the hospital, Sabrina realizes right away that the method of the rape and torture of the woman is the same as that which was used on her friend, Uschi. She consults with a local police detective, but withholds some information that she knows about bloody clothes she saw her husband washing in their house. To Sabrina's surprise, Justin unexpectedly retires from the Army; and they move to California, where Justin encourages Sabrina to follow up on her dream to become a writer. After a few years of struggle and non-recognition, Sabrina eventually gets a break and becomes a very popular bestselling author. Her suspicions about Justin begin to grow when during her research for her suspense novel, she discovers four murders that are in all ways identical to Uschi's murder. Sabrina loses her trust in her husband upon discovering the he lied and was unfaithful to her on more than one occasion. A new neighbor, Sean O'Donohue, introduces himself to Sabrina as a fellow writer and private investigator, but Sabrina soon finds out that Sean was not what he claims to be. The situation becomes more complicated for Sabrina as she finds herself falling in love with Sean. He forewarns Sabrina that dark forces are waiting to hurt her--a warning that Sabrina knows that she cannot ignore. She must make the right decision: whom can she trust and believe in even as she faces imminent danger.

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