The Big Ripoff: How Big Business and Big Government Steal Your Money

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John Wiley & Sons, Jan 13, 2011 - Business & Economics - 285 pages
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"Politicians like to say that government is on the side of the little guy. But with impressive documentation and persuasive examples, Tim Carney shows how government power and regulation are typically used to assist the powerful."
-Paul A. Gigot Editorial Page Editor, the Wall Street Journal

"Exposes the dirty little secret of American politics: how big businesses work with statist politicians to diminish the prosperity and freedom of consumers, taxpayers, and entrepreneurs. Carney employs top-notch writing ability, passion for liberty, and understanding of economics to demolish the myth that big business is a foe of big government. Everyone who seeks to understand who really benefits from big government should read this book, as should anyone who still believes that the interventionist state benefits the average person."
-Congressman Ron Paul U.S. House of Representatives, 14th District of Texas

"Small entrepreneurial businesses are the backbone success of our great economy. They are the biggest job and wealth creators. Is that why big corpocratic behemoth firms collude with big government for a liberal agenda of higher taxes and overregulation that will punish the small risk-takers? Tim Carney's new book describes how anti-business big business can be."
-Lawrence Kudlow Host of CNBC's Kudlow & Company

"Tim Carney explodes the myth that big business and big government are natural opponents. All too often, as he points out, they're both engaged in a common enterprise: picking your pocket."
-Ramesh Ponnuru Senior Editor, National Review

"A romping tour de force of the love affair between big business and big government from Teddy Roosevelt and the Robber Barons to Enron and the Kyoto Treaty. Indispensable for understanding how government regulation really works."

-Donald Devine Grewcock Professor of Political Science, Bellevue University

"Every CEO in America should read this book today, issue new directives to their bureaucrat-appeasing Washington lobbyist tomorrow, and join in the fight for economic liberalization."
-Fred L. Smith, Jr. Founder and President, Competitive Enterprise Institute

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The big ripoff: how big business and big government steal your money

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When it comes to the corporations that dominate the US economy, says Carney, there's no difference between Big Business Republicans and Tax-and-Spend Democrats. No matter who's in charge, Big ... Read full review


The Big Myth
Ulterior Motives
Full Disclosure
How You Suffer
Dont Hate the Player Hate the Game
The Lesson
Billionaires for Kerry
The Richest of the Rich
A Conflict of Interest
Expanding the Excise Tax
Stunting Growth
Mr Smith Goes to Washington
A Nicotine Patch for the States
Trial Lawyers Get Rich
Winners and Losers
The Beginning of the Road

Dollars for Donkeys
Leader of the PAC
A Socialist and a Libertarian Walk into a FundRaiser
Having It Both Ways
Triumph of Conservatism
Wilson Approaches Omniscience
Harmony in Hooverville
Meet the New Deal Same as the Old Deal
Marshall Plan and Onward
What Does It Look Like?
Why Do They Do It?
Why Is It Bad?
This Part
First Family of Corporate Welfare
Welfare for WalMart
Public Risk for Private Profit
Lighting the Night Strip for Gamblers
Reverse Robin Hood
Welfare for Single Mothers ReformedWelfare for Big Corporations Flows
A Child of FDR
Boeing versus Airbus
Boeings Bank
My Taxes Are Paying to Ship My Job to Mexico
Supplying the Suppliers
The Moral Problem
They Paved Paradise
Incidental Benefit to Certain Private Individuals
Public Use and Public Purpose
Then Were Gonna Take Them
I Just Wanna Run My Business
If They Can Take It There They Can Take It Anywhere
Dubious Benefits
How Does Regulation Hurt Me?
Big Business Loves Taxes Too
This Part
Consumer Choice
Paper Tigers
More Regulation
Regulation in Your WaterAnd Hair and Lawn and Cable TV
Mississippi Smoking
SmokeFilled Rooms
Round Two and the Master Settlement Agreement
Follow the Money
Big Business Wins Tax Increases
Big Business Profits from the Estate Tax
Tax Crusaders
Arent Environmentalist LawsGood?
How Does Big Business Profit from Them?
This Part
Paid Alarmists
Whats Good for General Motors
Its a Bonanza
An Enemy of Free Markets
Good for Enron Stock Bad for Energy Customers
The California Gold Rush
California Games
Subsidizing Enron
Suppose They Built a Power Plant and Nobody Came
This is Not the Debt Youre Looking For
Wanna Buy a Barge?
False Security
Jedis of California
Hair of the Dog That Bit You
Makin Their Way the Only Way They Know How
Corporate Food Stamps
There Is No Such Thing as a Free Market
A Waste of Energy
Clearing the Air?
Clean Fuel Dirty Water
Transfer of Wealth
Politicians over Consumers
The Big Ripoff
The Parties of Big Business
The History of Big Business
Robin Hood in Reverse
Boeings Bank
Eminent Domain for Corporate Gain
Regulate Me
The War against Tobacco
You Get Taxed They Get Rich
Environmentalism for Profit
Ethanol and Archer Daniels Midland

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TIMOTHY P. CARNEY is a freelance investigative reporter, in Washington, D.C. He has worked under veteran political reporter Bob Novak, has served fellowships with the Phillips Foundation and the Competitive Enterprise Institute, and has worked as a reporter at Human Events. Carney has written for the Wall Street Journal, New York Sun, Washington Times, National Review Online, American Spectator, American Conservative, D.C. Examiner, and a handful of other magazines, newspapers, and Web sites.

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