The Biker Code: Wisdom for the Ride

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Simon and Schuster, Jun 30, 2008 - Transportation - 96 pages
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Truthfully and gracefully depicting the clannish, unconventional world of leather fringes and sacred steel, The Biker Code is a perfect gift book for the merely curious, and illuminated scripture for the true disciple.

Perhaps no American subculture is as consistently fascinating and serially misunderstood as the biker movement. Both feared and lionized by the mainstream, the insular, fiercely defiant community of hardcore hog devotees is notoriously difficult to infiltrate. But here comes The Biker Code, affording a revealing, knowing, and warm glimpse of the biker lifestyle for the lifelong rider and the uninitiated alike. With fifty photographs in elegant, spare black and white, The Biker Code captures the iconoclasts, free spirits, and born-to-ride outlaws of Planet Harley. Unlike any book that has come before it, The Biker Code quietly understands and affectionately celebrates the Harley life. The Biker Code features original photographs, artwork, and quotes that honestly depict and cleverly celebrate American motorcycle culture.

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5ΓΠΕΙ.Ι 5εΙοτιω 5ΗΠΒΕΤ ΓΙΕΧλ ΑΒΕ οτι ΤΗΕ Αε ΑΕΕ ΑΕΕ πιτ ΑΕΕοννε πιΕ ΑΕννΑτε ΑΜ ΑΠ ΑΠΕ ΑΤ ΤΠΕ Ατι ΑτιΒ Ατιο ΒΕ ΒΕει>ΕοΤ ΒΕΙτιο ΒΕοΑνεΕ ΒΕτοΒΕ ΒΙΒΙτιο ΒιιοΕ ΒιιςΕ ΒΙισιτιο ΒΙτςΕ ΒνΤ ΒοΒτι γΒοτε γεοιε γΕΟτε γθοτε γΟΟτε ΕΑΕΕ ΕΕ εΕΕ ΕΕεΕΕΟΤ ΕΕεΤ ΕΕΟΑυεΕ ΕΕΟΕΕΕ ΕΕΠΟΠι ΕΕτΤ ΕΙνΙτιο οτι Τι-ΙΕ ΕισοΕ ΕΙτΕ ΕΙΤΤΕΕ ΕνΕΕΟτ ΕνΕτοτοιιΕ ΕονΕ ΕΟΠΤ ΕΟΠΕ εοπιΕ ΕοΤ ΕΟυυΠ ΕΟΧ/Ε Επι ΕΤΕΕΕε ΕΤΠΟ ΕΤΤςΕ ΗΤόΤΠΕ ι-ιΑνΕ ινΕ ΒΕΕτι ι>Εοι>ΕΕ ιΒΙκΕ ΙΒΙοΤ Ιε ιιιισιιιο ιΠεειΙτιο ΙΤ ιτε Ιτι ΚΕΕΡ ΜΖΕΠ ΓΓ ΜΜΜ Μοτιγ Μοτο Μοτουε ΜΠΕ ννι-ιΕτι ννι-ιιΕΕ ννΙΤι-ι ννονΕΒ ννοντο ΟΕ οΕΤ οιιΕΑΤΕ ονΤ οοιτιΕ οοιτιο Οοοτττογ Μοεε ΟΠ οτ ΤΗΕ οτ Τι-ιΕ οτιΕ πιγ πιο πιοπτ πιτ ΠΟ ΠΟ ΟΠΕ ΠΤΥ ΡΕΑΥ ΙΣΗΠ ΗΡ ΡΙόιτιο Ροκ ΡΤΟΤΠΕ Τ-ΤΑΕ ΤΕΕΕ τΕπιΑΕΕ ΤΕΤΕΕΕε ΤΗΕ ΒΪΚΕΒ ΤΗΕ Βιοι-ιΤ ΤΗΕ ΜοΕ ΤΗοωσΗΤ Τι-ΙΑΤ τι-ιΕεΕ ΑΒΕ Τι-ιΕ Τι-τΕ τιοΤ τνΒιτ τνΕΕ ΤΠ ΤΠΕΕΕ ΤΤ-ΤΑΤ ΤΤ-ΤΕ ΟΠΕ ΤΕΤ-ΤΟ ττοπι ΤΤΤΤ-ΤΤΕΕ ΥΟυ

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About the author (2008)

Stuart Miller is an artist, illustrator, photographer, celebrity interviewer, and advertising entrepreneur. He lives in Tucson, Arizona.

Geoffrey Moss is recognized for his political satirical drawings, paintings, set design, photography, and children’s books. He lives in New York City.

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