The Bloodstone of Cerillion

Front Cover
Lulu Enterprises Incorporated, Jan 4, 2015 - 206 pages
Hundreds of years ago, a great evil rose and threatened to overcome the lands of Mantica. It was defeated by the Elves of House Cerillion, but its legacy remains in the form of the Bloodstone, a powerful a magical artefact. Held under guard deep within the great dwarfen stronghold of Mox, only a select few know of its existence... and even fewer know the truth of its origins. With an ancient enemy once more on the march, the Elves of House Cerillion must race to the stone before it falls into the wrong hands. They might be the only hope of survival for the Mox - perhaps even the whole of Elvenholme - but the days of friendship between Elf and Dwarf are long gone, eroded away by petty squabbling and suspicions of deceit. Can the scions of these ancient races put aside their differences, or will evil triumph in the lands of Mantica once and for all?

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