The Book of Wands

Front Cover
Neil Slade Books and Music, Dec 27, 2009 - Music teachers - 740 pages
What are Wands? Not what you think...Wands are actually an entire FAMILY of UNUSUAL TOOLS of many shapes and sizes that allow a person to TRAVEL as well as to move things from one You-niverse to another. You might have one in your pocket right now- Pens, Pencils, Batons, Chopsticks, Musical Instruments, Brooms, Brushes, Keyboards, and even Cameras. In this incredible story, Niles Abercrumby is a quirky music teacher who quickly shows disdain for the world of public school teaching and sets off on his own with The Niles Abercrumby School of Music, Arts, and Other Stuff. Shortly upon creation of his business, he hooks up with a crazy renegade scientist who runs a remote wilderness Brian laboratory, the legendary D.A.T. Stingo, who is responsible for opening the door to The World of Unusual Tools and Otherworldly Travel by Unconventional Means. And that's just for starters! For ONLINE DOWNLOAD or AUDIO versions LOTS of FREE INFO and book previews please visit A Masterpiece- A brilliant manuscript that takes you on an adventure from page one to the last page. I was pleasantly surprised of the content and the ease of reading. Neils story incorporates scenarios that will keep you not only turning to the next page, but wishing that the end of the book never comes. This book is not only a must read but an adventure for everyone]adult and children alike!- Jim Mullica, Screenwriter. I just finished reading The Book of Wands- Let me say a little more about how good it was: It's one of the best books I ever read. It's not just a book, but a Tool to help change your consciousness. It sets a new standard for what books are capable of doing- Manu Morris 1st Edition, 738 pages.

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