The Book of the Boudoir, 第 2 巻

J. & J. Harper, sold by Collins and Hannay, 1829 - 12 ページ

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257 ページ - Walpole could go no further than the admission that this book was "an attempt to blend the two kinds of romance, the ancient and the modern." "In the former, all was imagination and improbability: in the latter, nature is always intended to be, and sometimes has been, copied with success. Invention has not been wanting; but the great resources of fancy have been dammed up, by a strict adherence to common life.
268 ページ - But the road, West, the road ! winding round a prodigious mountain, and surrounded with others, all shagged with hanging woods, obscured with pines, or lost in clouds ! Below, a torrent breaking through cliffs, and tumbling through fragments of rocks ! Sheets of cascades forcing their silver speed down channelled precipices, and hasting into the roughened river at the bottom ! Now and then an old foot-bridge, with a broken rail, a leaning cross, a cottage, or the ruin of an hermitage ! This sounds...
263 ページ - Cornelis, apprehending the future assembly at Almack's, has enlarged her vast room, and hung it with blue satin, and another with yellow satin ; but Almack's room, which is to be ninety feet long, proposes to swallow up both hers, as easily as Moses's rod gobbled down those of the magicians.
135 ページ - Thus the soft gifts of sleep conclude the day, And stretched on bulks, as usual, poets lay. Why should I sing, what bards the nightly muse Did slumbering visit, and convey to stews ; Who prouder marched, with magistrates in state, To some famed round-house, even open gate! How Henley lay inspired beside a sink, And to mere mortals seemed a priest in drink : While others, timely, to the neighbouring fleet (Haunt of the muses) made their safe retreat.
273 ページ - It is a little play-thing-house that I got out of Mrs. Chenevix's shop, and it is the prettiest bauble you ever saw. It is set in enamelled meadows, with filigree hedges : — ' A small Euphrates through the piece is roll'd And little finches wave their wings in gold.
302 ページ - Strawberry Hill is grown a perfect Paphos; it is the land of beauties. On Wednesday the Duchesses of Hamilton and Richmond, and Lady Ailesbury dined there; the two latter stayed all night. There never was so pretty a sight as to see them all three sitting in the shell...
305 ページ - I do not mean to defend by argument a small capricious house. It was built to please my own taste, and in some degree to realize my own visions. I have specified what it contains: could I describe the gay but tranquil scene where it stands, and add the beauty of the landscape to the romantic cast of the mansion, it would raise more pleasing sensations than a dry list of curiosities can excite: at least the prospect would recall the...
273 ページ - Two delightful roads, that you would call dusty, supply me continually with coaches and chaises : barges, as solemn as Barons of the Exchequer, move under my window...
74 ページ - Yes, I am proud ; I must be proud to see Men, not afraid of God, afraid of me ; Safe from the bar, the pulpit, and the throne, Yet touch'd and sham'd by ridicule alone.
302 ページ - Women alter now ; I remember Lady Ailesbury looking handsomer than her daughter, the pretty Duchess of Richmond, as they were sitting in the shell on my terrace with the Duchess of Hamilton, one of the famous Gunnings.