The Bookworm: An Illustrated Treasury of Old-time Literature, Том 3

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Elliot Stock, 1890

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Страница 210 - Tis pity learned virgins ever wed With persons of no sort of education, Or gentlemen, who, though well born and bred, Grow tired of scientific conversation : I don't choose to say much upon this head, I'ma plain man, and in a single station, But — Oh ! ye lords of ladies intellectual, Inform us truly, have they not hen-peck'd you all?
Страница 319 - Most pale and clear and lovely distances. He often lying broad awake, and yet Remaining from the body, and apart In intellect and power and will, hath heard Time flowing in the middle of the night, And all things creeping to a day of doom.
Страница 318 - ANGELS have talked with him, and showed him thrones : Ye knew him not ; he was not one of ye, Ye scorned him with an undiscerning scorn : Ye could not read the marvel in his eye, The still serene abstraction : he hath felt The vanities of after and before ; Albeit, his spirit and his secret heart The...
Страница 131 - Magazine, a periodical pamphlet, of which the scheme is known wherever the English language is spoken. To this undertaking he owed the affluence in which he passed the last twenty years of his life, and the fortune which he left behind him, which, though large, had been yet larger, had lie not rashly and wantonly impaired it by innumerable projects, of which I know not that ever one succeeded. The Gentleman's Magazine...
Страница 155 - They will remember the peculiar character which belonged to that circle, in which every talent and accomplishment, every art and science, had its place. They will remember how the last debate was discussed in one corner, and the last comedy of Scribe in another; while Wilkie gazed with modest admiration on...
Страница 28 - The Man in the Moon, Discovering a World of Knavery under the Sunne (1649).
Страница 238 - at the Mount of St Mary's, in the stony stage where I now stand, I have brought you some fine biscuits, baked in the oven of charity, carefully conserved for the chickens of the church, the sparrows of the spirit, and the sweet swallows of salvation.
Страница 222 - SHAKSPERE AND TYPOGRAPHY. Being an Attempt to show Shakspere's Personal Connection with, and Technical Knowledge of, the Art of Printing ; also Remarks upon some common Typographical Errors, with especial reference to the Text of Shakspere. By William Blades. 8vo, pp. viii. and 78, with an Illustration, cloth. 1872. 3s. BLADES.— THE BIOGRAPHY AND TYPOGRAPHY OF WILLIAM CAXTON, England's First Printer.
Страница 138 - BOTH ENGLISH AND LATIN, Compos'd at several times. Printed by his true Copies. The Songs were set in Musick by Mr. HENRY LAWES, Gentleman of the Kings Chappel, and one of His Majesties Private Musick. Printed and publish'd according to Order. Printed by RUTH RAWORTH for HUMPHREY MOSELEY, and are to be sold at the signe of the Princes Armes in Pauls Churchyard, 1645, See also Little Library, Standard Library, and RF Towndrow.
Страница 130 - ... at Norwich, and publish a weekly paper. In this undertaking he met with some opposition, which produced a public controversy, and procured young Cave the reputation of a writer. His master died before his apprenticeship was expired, and...