The Boston Journal of Philosophy and the Arts, 2권

John White Webster, John Ware, Daniel Treadwell
Cummings, Hilliard, & Company, 1825

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475 페이지 - The exponent of a in the first term is the same as the exponent of the binomial, and decreases by 1 in each succeeding term.
490 페이지 - In each succeeding term the coefficient is found by multiplying the coefficient of the preceding term by the exponent of a in that term, and dividing by the number of the preceding term.
247 페이지 - ... should be kept twelve months immersed in water. It will be perceived that all these processes are nothing more than preparatory measures, for the operation which is to succeed, viz. that of TINNING. For this purpose, an iron pot is nearly filled with a mixture of block and grain tin, in a melted state; and a quantity of tallow or grease, sufficient, when melted, to cover the fluid metal, to the thickness of four inches, is put to it. However, as some gentlemen may not be acquainted with the difference...
386 페이지 - Dissolve in a copper kettle by heat, one part of verdigris, in a sufficient quantity of pure vinegar, and add to it an aqueous solution of one part of white arsenic. A precipitate 'of dirty green generally forms, which must be renewed by adding more vinegar, or till the precipitate is perfectly dissolved. After boiling this mixture, a granular precipitate will in a short...
270 페이지 - A piece of zinc as large as a pea, or the point of a small iron nail, were found fully adequate to preserve forty or fifty square inches of copper...
177 페이지 - The astronomical precision with which it seemed possible that physiological operations might go on was evinced by the inquiry whether the Indians can so prepare that stupefying herb datura that 'they make it lie several days, months, years according as they will, in a man's body without doing him any harm, and at the end kill him without missing an hour's time.
267 페이지 - THE rapid decay of the copper sheeting of his Majesty's ships of war, and the uncertainty of the time of its duration, have long attracted the attention of those persons most concerned in the naval interests of the country. Having had my inquiries directed to this important object by the Commissioners of the Navy Board, and a Committee of the Royal Society having been appointed to consider of it, I entered into an experimental investigation of the causes of the action of sea water upon copper.
268 페이지 - I have shown that chemical attractions may be exalted, modified, or destroyed, by changes in the electrical states of bodies; that substances will only combine when they are in different electrical states ; and that, by bringing a body naturally positive artificially into a negative state, its usual powers of combination are altogether destroyed...
499 페이지 - ... and to allow them no pre-eminence but splendour of plumage. But if in general the pretty natives of the torrid zone are more distinguished by the beauty of their colours, than by fulness and power of note, and seem inferior to our nightingale in clearness and melodiousness of tone, yet this little bird, among others, is a proof that they are at least not destitute of the principles of melody.
569 페이지 - ... equilibrio with that of the menstruum, no such effect of deposition of alkaline matter or adherence of weeds has taken place, and the surface, though it has undergone a slight degree of solution, has remained perfectly clean : a circumstance of great importance, as it points out the limits of protection; and makes the application of a very small quantity of the oxidable metal more advantageous in fact than that of a larger one.

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