The British Critic: A New Review, Bind 17

F. and C. Rivington, 1801

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Side 128 - STRANGE fits of passion I have known, And I will dare to tell, But in the lover's ear alone, What once to me befel. When she I lov'd was strong and gay And like a rose in June, I to her cottage bent my way, Beneath the evening moon.
Side 127 - The outward shows of sky and earth, Of hill and valley, he has viewed; And impulses of deeper birth Have come to him in solitude. In common things that round us lie, Some random truths he can impart : The harvest of a quiet eye That broods and sleeps on his own heart.
Side 245 - The disappearance of some stars may be the destruction of that system at the time appointed by the Deity for the probation of its inhabitants, and the appearance of new stars may be the formation of new systems for new races of beings then called into existence to adore the works of their Creator."* The late Dr.
Side 249 - I noted was a chess-board, made of spiced plate, with men there of the same, and for the good proportion, and because the Frenchmen be very cunning and expert in that play, my Lord Cardinal gave the same to a gentleman of France, commanding there should be made a goodly case for the preservation thereof in all haste, that he might convey the same safe into his countrey. Then tooke my Lord a bole of gold filled with ipocrasse, and putting off his cap, said...
Side 125 - Accordingly such a language arising out of repeated experience and regular feelings is a more permanent and a far more philosophical language than that which is frequently substituted for it by Poets...
Side 259 - Before we arrived at our quarters, and while the enemy were pursuing us, we heard their shrill timbals, and the dismal sound of the great drum, from the top of the principal temple of the god of war, which overlooked the whole city. Its mournful noise was such as may be imagined the music of the infernal gods, and it might be heard at the distance of almost three leagues. They were then sacrificing the hearts of ten of our companions to their idols.
Side 124 - SEVEN, the perplexity and obscurity which in childhood attend our notion of death, or rather our utter inability to admit that notion...
Side 334 - Tout homme âgé de vingt et un ans est tenu de déclarer dans le temple quels sont ses amis. Cette déclaration doit être renouvelée, tous les ans, pendant le mois de ventôse.
Side 154 - We then set forward on the road to Mexico, which was crowded with multitudes of the natives, and arrived at the causeway of Iztapalapa, which leads to that capital. When we beheld the number of populous towns on the water and firm ground, and that broad causeway, running straight and level to the city, we could compare it to nothing but the enchanted scenes we had read of in Amadis of Gaul...
Side 127 - He is retired as noontide dew, Or fountain in a noon-day grove ; And you must love him, ere to you He will seem worthy of your love.

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