The British Journal of Homoeopathy, Volume 41

Front Cover
John James Drysdale, Robert Ellis Dudgeon, Richard Hughes, John Rutherfurd Russell
Maclachlan, Stewart, & Company, 1843 - Homeopathy

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Page 324 - two thirds of those treated by the ordinary methods in the other hospitals died," • This immense superiority of the homoeopathic over the ordinary treatment of cholera led the Government to remove the obstacles and repeal the ordinances that had hitherto prevented the free practice of homoeopathy in Austria, and gave a great impetus to the spread of
Page 213 - xxix, 445. Apropos of this it is worth mentioning that Stille cites a case in which a child of six months took five grains of it, instead of three which had been ordered. It became amaurotic, and did not recover its sight for two months. And now of
Page 44 - 3. Their action on the nervous system consists in, firstly, irritating, and secondly, paralysing, the peripheral sensory nerves and posterior roots of the spinal nerves. They have no direct action on the brain or the vaso-motor nerves. They increase the irritability of the peripheral motor nerves and of the motor columns of the cord.
Page 41 - experiments on animals I have to confess is a very difficult one, because after we have found out what they do in one animal we find that in another the results are wholly different, and the process of investigation has to be repeated in man " (op. cit., p. 127). not act on dogs
Page 22 - After moderate doses, the interference of vision is only such as results in haziness, as if a thin film of transparent vapour were floating between the eye and the object; the effect being identical with that observed on looking through a medium of unequal density, such as the mixture of hot and cold air enveloping a
Page 14 - See Med. Times and Gazette, June 15,1848. impaired ; the upper lid more tumefied and prolapsed; the conjunctiva more vascular, and raised above the margin of the transparent cornea, which in a few days became opaque ; and a small quantity of a puriform fluid had accumulated in the anterior chamber of the eye." " The sight of the left eye,
Page 22 - some object, as it were, with my eyes, and rest them securely upon it. It was clear to me that the adjusting muscular apparatus of the eye was enfeebled, and its contractions so sluggishly performed that they could no longer keep pace with the more
Page 323 - Austria and its Institutions (p. 275), makes the following statement regarding this trial of the homoeopathic treatment of cholera in Vienna: " Upon comparing the report of the treatment of cholera in this hospital with that of the same disease in the. other hospitals in Vienna during the same period, it appeared that while two thirds of the cases treated by Dr.
Page 23 - In full doses the depressing influence involves the other branches of the nerve, and the lazy movements of the eyeball, or dull, fixed, and occasionally divergent stare, indicate the partially paralysed condition of the external muscles of the eyeball; while more or less drooping of the upper lids expresses a similar condition of the levator palpebrse.
Page 37 - justified in his statement that " vivisection as a method of research has constantly led those who have employed it into altogether erroneous conclusions, and the records teem with instances in which not only have animals been fruitlessly sacrificed, but human lives have been added to the list of victims by reason of its false light

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