The Busy Mom's Guide to Bible Study

Simon and Schuster, 2008. 6. 30. - 224페이지

A Bible Study Plan for the Busiest Mom!

The Busy Mom's Guide to Bible Study is an amazing Bible study tool specifically aimed at moms. What makes it so remarkable is the way author Lisa Whelchel has packed twenty solid Bible study tools into a five-day-a-week, fifteen-minute-a-day, anybody-can-do-it plan.

Not only is this plan doable, it's satisfying. As a busy mom, you give of yourself all day long - often with no way to refresh and replenish the cravings of your own soul. But this simple three-month, come-along-beside-you guide will take you deep into the Word, nourishing your heart and soul. And in just three months, you will be a changed woman - changed by the power of God's word in you.

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Great introduction to studying the Bible without a guidebook. I highly recommend it to even busy, working mothers as well as to us older folks who have more time. The techniques she introduces (like ... 전체 리뷰 읽기

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Lookingfor Rhema RaysPsalm 91111 52 Day 10 Using a DictionaryRomans 32124 57 Day 11 Choosing a TopicalStudyNehemiah 810 62 Day 12 E...
Making PracticalApplicationRomans 212 1213
Asking the Five Ws andan H1 Samuel1918 114 Day 2 Marking andColor CodingPsalm 9616 117 Day 3 Reading AloudOne Wordata TimeMatthew ...
Lookingfor Rhema RaysRomans 83139 138 Day 10 Using a Dictionary2 Corinthians 51721 141 Day 11 Choosing a TopicalStudyMalachi 310 144 ...
Studying HistoricalContextsJohn 21920 150 Day 14 Interviewing through BiographicalStudyActs 182
Investigating OriginalLanguagesJohn 211517 156 Day 16 Using Your ImaginationGenesis 271827 159 Day 17 Summarizingfor the Big PictureMar...
Teaching Your ChildrenProverbs 252528 168 Day 20 Making PracticalApplication1 Peter 3812 171 Month 3

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___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ Day ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ Discovery ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ Month ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ Toolsfor ___________________________________________________ Discovery ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ Month Day ___________________________________________________ Toolsfor Digging 13 Toolsfor Digging Aloud and Emphasizing American Standard Bible Ask the Holy Bible Software Bible-study method Blessed Christ commentary Day 11 Toolsfor Deep ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ Delight Digging Tool Suggestions Discovery ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ Emphasizing One Word English Standard Version evil faith favorite Five W’s flash card give God’s Word Going Deep ___________________________________________________ Greek heart Hebrew Here’s Holy Spirit homeschool Jack Hayford Jesus Jesus’s John John MacArthur keep learning style lepers live Living Bible Logos Bible Software MATTHEW Memorizing Scripture mercy Month 1 Month Month 3 Day Month Day 11 Praise the Lord prayer PSALM Read the passage Rhema Rays righteousness Strong’s study Bible Testament things Toolsfor Digging Tool Topical Study Treasure Map Version walk

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Lisa Whelchel, best known for her long standing role as "Blair" in the television series, The Facts of Life, is a wife and a home schooling mother of three children. She has appeared in several feature films and is an author, vocalist, Grammy nominated songwriter, and an inspirational speaker at churches and conferences nationwide.

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