The cainozoic Globigerinida. Atlas

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Brill Archive, 1979 - Globigerinidae - 1413 pages

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Systemat1c Descript1ons and a Synops1s of the Class1ficat1on of
Hantkenina Aragonella see p 1165 for species
Geostrat1graphy and a Philosoph1cal Bas1s for the Interpretat1on

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Page 1418 - Bolli, H., 1950. The direction of coiling in the evolution of some Globorotaliidae.
Page 1409 - A chronostratigraphic unit is a body of rock strata which is unified by representing the rocks formed during a specific interval of geologic time.
Page 1408 - ... Remark. (a) Supplementary sections. — If definition of a time-stratigraphic unit is inadequate, it may be redefined and revised by reference to supplementary sections. (See Article 34.) GEOLOGIC-TIME (GEOCHRONOLOGIC) UNITS NATURE OF GEOLOGIC-TIME UNITS Article 36. — Geologic-time units are divisions of time distinguished on the basis of the rock record, particularly as expressed by time-stratigraphic units.
Page 1410 - Concurrent-range Zone, Merycoidodon ("Oreodon") Range Zone. TIME-STRATIGRAPHIC (CHRONOSTRATIGRAPHIC) UNITS NATURE OF TIME-STRATIGRAPHIC UNITS Article 26. — A time-stratigraphic unit is a subdivision of rocks considered solely as the record of a specific interval of geologic time. Remarks. (a) Definition. — Time-stratigraphic units depend fundamentally for definition on actual sections or sequences of rock, and without these standards they are meaningless. They are material units. Each is the...
Page 1409 - The magnitude of a chronostratigraphic unit is to be measured by the length of the time interval to which its rocks correspond — not by their thickness in meters or feet

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