The Call Goes Out from the Cetacean Nation: Interspecies Communication of Love and Wisdom: Messages from Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises, Including Keiko, Star of the "Free Willy" Movies

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Trafford Publishing, 2008 - Nature - 211 pages
Dianne Robbins is an Interspecies Communicator specializing in bringing forth the love that the whales and dolphins have for humanity, and in raising people's awareness of the continuing inhumane killing and imprisonment of their species. In a series of messages channeled from the Cetacean species, whales, dolphins, and porpoises graphically spell out why they are here on Earth, how they work with the Confederation of Planets, and how we interfere with their mission. Readers will have their eyes opened to the rich family and cultural life of another intelligent species on this planet. You will find the insightful words of Keiko, Star of the Free Willy movies; Corky, an Orca Whale incarcerated in Sea World, San Diego, California; and Lolita, an Orca Whale, imprisoned in the Sea Aquarium in Miami, Florida, among others.

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About the author (2008)

As a child, I used to stand outside and look up at the night sky, and wonder where, in the starry heavens above, was my home.

In the early 1980's, I used to listen to the music of the Moody Blues. In 1990, when I again heard their song "I Know You're Out There Somewhere,"it suddenly flooded me with memories and I instantly knew there was a whole other world out there, just waiting to communicate with me. I began a process of meditation that reawakened me to the remembrance that I am a telepathic receiver and transmitter for the Inner-Earth terrestrials and Cetaceans. I also awakened to my divine mission and role for this lifetime.

I tapped into the cosmos and connected to the Cetaceans (Whales and Dolphins), Adama in the Subterranean City of Telos, Mikos in the Hollow Earth, the Ascended Masters, the Ashtar Command of the Confederation of Planets, Nature Spirits and Trees. I no longer felt alone, but suddenly connected to Beings everywhere through the telepathic phone lines that exist throughout the cosmos.

With this new sense of purpose, I have dedicated my life to receiving, transcribing, and publishing my telepathic transmissions from Beings residing in Higher Realms of consciousness. My goal is to spread these messages around the globe in hopes of awakening surface humans to the existence of those who inhabit the Hollow Earth and Subterranean Realms through the publication of my books.

The earliest messages came from the Cetaceans and were published in my first book: The Call Goes Out, Messages from the Earth's Cetaceans.

My second book and pre-requisite to this book is TELOS, the Call Goes Out from the Hollow Earth and Underground Cities.

Much of myinspiration comes from communing with nature through long walks in the woods, sitting under my favorite tree in my backyard, and walking along the ocean when I'm in Florida.

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