The Cambridge Guide to the Solar System

Cambridge University Press, 25 de set. 2003 - 452 pàgines
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The Cambridge Guide to the Solar System provides a comprehensive, funamental, and up-to-date description of the solar system. It is written in a concise, light and uniform style, without being unnecessarily weighted down with specialized materials or the variable writing of multiple authors. It is filled with vital facts and information for astronomers of all types and for anyone with a scientific interest in the Earth, our Moon, all the other planets and their satellites, and related topics such as asteroids, comets, meteorites and meteors. The language, style, ideas and profuse illustrations will attract the general reader as well as professionals. A thorough report for general readers, it includes much compact reference data. Metaphors, similes and analogies will be of immense help to the lay person or non-science student, and they add to the enjoyment of the material. Vignettes containing historical, literary and even artistic material make this book unusual and interesting, and enhance its scientific content. Kenneth Lang is professor of astronomy in the Physics and Astronomy Department at Tufts University. He is the author of several astrophysics books, including The Sun from Space (Springer Verlag, 2000), Astrophysical Formulae: Radiation, Gas Processes, and High Energy Physics (Springer Verlag, 1999), Sun, Earth and Sky (Copernicus Books, 1997), Astrophysical Data: Planets and Stars (Springer Verlag, 1993), and Wanderers in Space: Exploration and Discovery in the Solar System (Cambridge, 1991),

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The Cambridge guide to the solar system

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These two volumes serve very different purposes: one is a compact, fact-packed field guide, while the other takes a more in-depth look at the solar system. In The Solar System, edited by science ... Llegeix la ressenya completa


The new closeup view from space
The invisible buffer zone with space atmospheres magnetospheres
The inner system rocky worlds
stepping stone to the planets
a dense battered world
the veiled planet
the red planet
The giant planets their satellites and their rings worlds
lord of the rings
Uranus and Neptune
Remnants of creation small worlds in the solar system
Asteroids and meteorites
Colliding worlds
Further reading
Directory of web sites

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Professor Lang is an award-winning astronomy and planetary science writer, having published ten books which have been translated into seven languages.

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