The Case of the Learned: Represented According to the Merit of the Ill Progress Hitherto Made in Arts and Sciences, Chiefly in Philosophy of which the Author Gives an Entire New System: Shewing, I. The Cause of Gravity and Attraction ... to be Very Far from Depending Either on the Cartesian Or Newtonian Principles. II. What Nature Is, and the Effects it is Capable of ... and Shews that ... Newton ... Overturn'd Both Nautral and Reveal'd Religion. III. How and After what Manner Vice May be Suppress'd .. IV. How Arts and Sciences May .. be Brought to ... Their Point of Perfection ... The Whole ... Contained in Two Letters to the Royal Society

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Page 11 - as long as Arts and Sciences have the Misfortune of depending on
Page 95 - of the Air they include, there would be more Thunder in Winter than in Summer Time; for in the Winter, the Earth is not only
Page 101 - for Arts and Sciences to obtain their Point of Perfection, as, long as they have the Misfortune of. depending on the
Page 11 - is yet more Truth behind the Hill, than ever has been brought to
Page 101 - him a draught, relating to the perpetual Motion, for to know his opinion about it, and I found him
Page 95 - in the Clouds as that which is called Thunder. Whence I conclude that Effect to depend on the
Page 96 - of the Sun, and that of the Earth, which by their own Fermentation they are
Page 101 - any Light in it, that he pretended even the Machines, by which I
Page 95 - together; neither do we find by the Air-Gun, that the Air which
Page 106 - when through a Hole we let the 'Sun's Light come into a

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