The Catacombs of Fear

Gray Friar Press, 2009 - 192 pagina's
House of God or House of Horrors? The dinner party gate-crashed by the undead... The beautiful girl whose looks are maintained by acts of violence... The crippled ballerina desperate for new legs... The television producer who discovers that murder improves his ratings... The hideous deaths in an old country house that lead to something far worse... The Reverend Patrick Clements arrives at Chilminster Cathedral to take up his new post, only to find his introductory tour taking rather longer than anticipated. As the sun sets and the evening draws on Patrick meets staff and parishioners, and learns far more of the macabre history of the community he is destined to become a part of than any mortal man should hear. But these stories are only the beginning of what has been planned for him. John Llewellyn Probert's follow up to his award-winning The Faculty of Terror provides five macabre tales bound together by a framework story, the climax of which will take its readers into the very depths of hell. And back again. Perhaps.

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