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Page 40 - Advanced Algebra Permutations and combinations, limited to simple cases Complex numbers, with graphical representation of sums and differences Determinants, chiefly of the second, third, and fourth orders, including the use of minors and the solution of linear equations Numerical equations of higher degree, and so much of the theory of equations, with graphical methods, as is necessary for their treatment, including...
Page 41 - ... 3. Grammar and Composition. The examinations in grammar and composition will demand thorough knowledge of all regular inflections, all common irregular forms, and the ordinary syntax and vocabulary of the prose authors read in school, with ability to use this knowledge in writing simple Latin prose.
Page 44 - Drill upon the rudiments of grammar, that is, upon the inflection of the articles, of such nouns as belong to the language of every-day life, of adjectives, pronouns, weak verbs and the more usual strong verbs; also upon the use of the more common prepositions, the simpler uses of the modal auxiliaries, and the elementary rules of syntax and word -order.
Page 39 - A test on the books prescribed for study, which will consist of questions upon their content, form, and structure, and upon the meaning of such words, phrases, and allusions as may be necessary to an understanding of the works, and an appreciation of their salient qualities of style. General questions may also be asked concerning the lives of the authors, their other works, and the periods of literary history to which they belong.
Page 34 - A unit represents a year's study in any subject in a secondary school, constituting approximately a quarter of a full year's work.
Page 38 - Autobiography and selections from Lay Sermons, including the addresses on Improving Natural Knowledge, A Liberal Education...
Page 42 - ... and prosody. Every paper in which passages from the prescribed reading are set for translation will contain also one or more passages for translation at sight; and candidates must deal satisfactorily with both these parts of the paper or they will not be given credit for either part.
Page 40 - The usual theorems and constructions of good textbooks, including the general properties of plane rectilinear figures; the circle and the measurement of angles; similar polygons; areas; regular polygons, and the measurement of the circle. The solution of numerous original exercises.
Page 37 - The Tempest; The Two Gentlemen of Verona ; The Merry Wives of Windsor ; Measure for Measure ; The Comedy of Errors. VOL. ii. — Much Ado About Nothing; Love's Labour's Lost ; A Midsummer Night's Dream ; The Merchant of Venice ; As You Like It.
Page 41 - I-VI. 2. The amount of reading specified above shall be selected by the schools from the following authors and works : Caesar (Gallic War and Civil War) and Nepos (Lives) ; Cicero (orations, letters, and De Senectute) and Sallust (Catiline and Jugurthine War); Vergil (Bucolics, Georgics, and Aeneid) and Ovid (Metamorphoses, Fasti, and Tristia).

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