The Chemical News and Journal of Industrial Science; with which is Incorporated the "Chemical Gazette.": A Journal of Practical Chemistry in All Its Applications to Pharmacy, Arts and Manufactures, Volume 77

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Chemical news office, 1898 - Chemistry

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Page 90 - A society for the general advancement of Mechanical Science, and more particularly for promoting the acquisition of that species of knowledge which constitutes the profession of a Civil Engineer, being the art of directing the great sources of power in Nature for the use and convenience of man...
Page 60 - The objects of the association, as set forth in its constitution, are " the theoretical and experimental study of evolution and of the transmutation of bodies. Its members, with this end in view, study the processes of the ancient alchemists and compare them with the work of modern chemists.
Page 75 - QUESTIONS ON CHEMISTRY. A Series of Problems and Exercises in Inorganic and Organic Chemistry. By FRANCIS JONES, FRSE, FCS, Chemical Master in the Grammar School, Manchester. Fcap. 8vo. y. ANATOMY. LESSONS IN ELEMENTARY ANATOMY. By ST'.
Page 62 - The volume occupied by a gaseous mixture is equal to the sum of the volumes which would be occupied by the gases which form it at the pressure and temperature of the mixture.
Page 138 - In accordance with the Resolution passed at the General Meeting of the Chemical Society held on March 3ist, 1898, we are instructed to request you to be good enough to — (i.) Answer the question printed below, by writing "Yes" or " No" in the space marked for the purpose.
Page 235 - The osmotic pressure of a solution is proportional to the concentration and also to the absolute temperature.
Page 60 - France, where there are to-day four societies and a " university " claiming to possess occult knowledge of hermetic mysteries. These secret societies are named, " Ordre de la Rose-Croix," •' L'Ordre Martiniste," "La Socie'tfi d' Homeopathic Herme'tique," and " L' Association Alchimique de France." The first two of these societies seem to work on lines similar to Free Masonry, and claim that their secret mysteries were bequeathed by the last sages of Atlantis, and by the Lemures to their brethren...
Page 60 - Recent discoveries in physics, chemistry and psychology have given the disciples of Hermes renewed hopes, and the present position of chemical philosophy has given the fundamental doctrine of alchemy a substantial impetus; the favorite theory of a prima materia, or primary matter, the basis of all the elementary bodies, has received new support by the discoveries of allotropism of the elements, isomerism of organic compounds, the revelations of the spectroscope, the practical demonstrations by Norman...
Page 64 - ... of the sciences, and that the metaphysical part (which is the real life and soul of the study) has been rejected under the opprobrious name of occult science. This living aspect of science has, however, been studied in the secret societies of the initiated, which have preserved the traditions of the kabala, the mysteries of hermetism, and the practice of transmutation. The study of science is as much a religious question as an intellectual one, and worship at an altar should sustain and enlighten...

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