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364 페이지 - ... as far as the steam continues within the vessel, so far is the vessel dry without, and so very hot, as scarce to endure the least touch of the hand. But as far as the water is, the said vessel will be cold and wet where any water has fallen on it ; which cold and moisture vanishes as fast as the steam in its descent takes place of the water...
46 페이지 - That very law* which moulds a tear, And bids it trickle from its source, That law preserves the earth a sphere, And guides the planets in their course.
407 페이지 - ... of blood. Now the whole mass of blood is said to be about twenty-five pounds; so that a quantity of blood, equal to the whole mass of blood, passes through the heart fourteen times in one hour; which is about once every four minutes.
8 페이지 - Then, said he, deliver it me back : which I did, in hopes of a greater parcel ; but he, cutting off half with his nail, said, even this is sufficient for thee. Sir, said I, with a dejected countenance, what means this ? And he said, even that will transmute half an ounce of lead.
407 페이지 - The aorta of a whale is larger in the bore than the main pipe of the waterworks at London Bridge ; and the water roaring in its passage through that pipe is inferior, in impetus and velocity, to the blood gushing from the whale's heart.
340 페이지 - ... of the surface of the copper. Examined after three days the copper remained perfectly clean, whilst the tin was rapidly corroded : no blueness appeared in this liquor; though, in a comparative experiment, when copper alone and the same fluid mixture was used, there was a considerable corrosion of the copper, and a distinct blue tint in the liquid. If...
407 페이지 - And how well doth it execute its office! An anatomist, who understood the structure of the heart, might say beforehand that it would play; but he would expect, I think, from the complexity of its mechanism, and the delicacy of many of its parts, that it should always be liable to derangement, or that it would soon work itself out. Yet shall this wonderful machine go, night and day, for eighty years together, at the rate of a hundred thousand strokes every twenty-four hours...
345 페이지 - We are ambitious' (they continued} ' of transmitting to posterity, the details of an undertaking of such prodigious magnitude, from which we anticipate a torrent of silver, that shall fill surrounding nations with astonishment.
134 페이지 - Having previously closed my nostrils and exhausted my lungs, I breathed four quarts of nitrous oxide from and into a silk bag. The first feelings were similar to those produced in the last experiment ; but in less than half a minute, the respiration being continued, they diminished gradually, and were succeeded by a sensation analogous to gentle pressure on all the muscles, attended by a highly pleasurable thrilling, particularly in the chest and...
341 페이지 - ... form seven divisions, connected only by the smallest filaments that could be left, and a mass of zinc, of the fifth of an inch in diameter, was soldered to the upper division. The whole was plunged under sea water; the copper remained perfectly polished. The same experiment was made with iron : and now, after a lapse of a month, in both instances, the copper is as bright as when it was first introduced, whilst similar pieces of copper, undefended, in the same...

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