The Chicago Medical Journal, Volume 27

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Page 240 - Physiology of Man. Designed to represent the existing state of Physiological Science as applied to the Functions of the Human Body.
Page 225 - By Austin Flint, MD, Professor of the Principles and Practice of Medicine, and of Clinical Medicine, in the Bellevue Hospital Medical College.
Page 71 - And God made the beast of the earth after his kind, and cattle after their kind, and every thing that creepeth upon the earth after his kind: and God saw that it was good.
Page 224 - ... the Urine in Disease ; with Brief Directions for the Examination of the most Common Varieties of Urinary Calculi. By Austin Flint, Jr., MD Revised edition Cloth, 1 00* Physiology of Man.
Page 230 - If we find that the ascertainment of the order of nature is facilitated by using one terminology, or one set of symbols, rather than another, it is our clear duty to use the former; and no harm can accrue, so long as we bear in mind, that we are dealing merely with terms and symbols.
Page 230 - If the properties of water may be properly said to result from the nature and disposition of its component molecules, I can find no intelligible ground for refusing to say that the properties of protoplasm result from the nature and disposition of its molecules.
Page 346 - Galileo. — THE PRIVATE LIFE OF GALILEO, compiled principally from his Correspondence and that of his eldest daughter, Sister Maria Celeste, Nun in the Franciscan Convent of S. Matthew in Arcetri. With Portrait. Crown 8vo.
Page 230 - In itself it is of little moment whether we express the phenomena of matter in terms of spirit; or the phenomena of spirit in terms of matter...
Page 119 - Engravings, 4s. 6d. Obstetric Aphorisms : For the Use of Students commencing Midwifery Practice.
Page 368 - May, 1859, the result of their deliberations. On motion, the report was accepted and referred to the committee on publication, the accompanying resolution being laid on the table.

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