The Chief European Dramatists: Twenty-one Plays from the Drama of Greece, Rome, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Denmark, and Norway, from 500 B.C. to 1879 A.D.

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Brander Matthews
Houghton Mifflin, 1916 - 786 страници
Twenty one plays from the drama of Greece, Rome, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Denmark, and Norway from 500 B. C. to 1879 A.

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Страница 686 - They all push onward — every man intent On his own several business — mine is murder. [Sits down. Time was, my dearest children, when with joy You hail'd your father's safe return to home From his long mountain toils ; for, when he came, He ever brought...
Страница 675 - Rudenz (who all the while has been standing in a state of violent excitement, and has with difficulty restrained himself, advances) My lord, you will not urge this matter further; You will not. It was surely but a test. You've gained your object. Rigour push'd too far Is sure to miss its aim, however good, As snaps the bow that's all too straitly bent. Gessler Peace, till your counsel's ask'd for!
Страница 656 - Tis vain for us to strive against the king. The world pertains to him ; — shall we alone, In mad presumptuous obstinacy, strive To break that mighty chain of lands, which he Hath drawn around us with his giant grasp? His are the markets, his the courts, — his, too, The highways ; nay, the very carrier's horse, That traffics on the Gotthardt, pays him toll. By his dominions, as within a net, We are enclosed, and girded round about.
Страница 106 - The whole in cases and concerns occurring and recurring. At every turn and every day domestic and familiar, So that the audience, one and all, from personal experience, Were competent to judge the piece, and form a fair opinion Whether my scenes and sentiments agreed with truth and nature. I never took them by surprise to storm their understandings, With Memnons and Tydides's and idle rattle-trappings Of battle-steeds and clattering shields to scare them from their senses ; But for a test (perhaps...
Страница 101 - Train'd in exercise and art, in sacred dances and in song, All are ousted and supplanted by a base ignoble throng; Paltry stamp and vulgar mettle raise them to command and place, Brazen counterfeit pretenders, scoundrels of a scoundrel race; Whom the state in former ages scarce would have allow'd to stand, At the sacrifice of outcasts, as the scape-goats of the land.
Страница 18 - Wherefore for ever on the wings of fear Hovers a vision drear Before my boding heart? a strain, Unbidden and unwelcome, thrills mine ear, Oracular of pain. Not as of old upon my bosom's throne Sits Confidence, to spurn Such fears, like dreams we know not to discern.
Страница 660 - MELCH. Few though our numbers be, the hearts are here Of the whole people; here the BEST are met. HUNN. The ancient books may not be near at hand, Yet are they graven in our inmost hearts. ROSSEL. 'Tis well. And now, then, let a ring be formed, And plant the swords of power within the ground.* MAUER.
Страница 647 - SCENE III. — A common near Altdorf. On an eminence in the background a Castle in progress of erection, and so far advanced that the outline of the whole may be distinguished. The back part is finished: men are working at the front. Scaffolding, on which the workmen are going up and down. A slater is seen upon the highest part of the roof. All is bustle and activity. TASKMASTER, MASON, WORKMEN and LABOURERS TASK, (with a stick, urging on the workmen).
Страница 16 - I speak his praise. Lastly, whate'er be due to men or gods, With joint debate, in public council held, We will decide, and warily contrive That all which now is well may so abide : For that which haply needs the healer's art, That will we medicine, discerning well If cautery or knife befit the time. Now, to my palace and the shrines of home, I will pass in, and greet you first and fair, Ye gods, who bade me forth, and home again — And long may Victory tarry in my train ! \Enter Clytemnestra, followed...
Страница 94 - Who never were train'd by the mighty Cratinus In mystical orgies poetic and vinous; Who delight in buffooning and jests out of season; Who promote the designs of oppression and treason ; Who foster sedition, and strife, and debate; All traitors, in short, to the stage and the state...