The Chinese System of Public Education

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Teachers College, Columbia University, 1915 - Education - 209 pages

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Page 131 - Our examination of the new curricula reveals the fact that the changes made have been along three general lines: the elimination of Chinese classics as a subject in itself, the introduction of new subjects of study having a social and industrial significance, and the relief of the over-crowded program.
Page 29 - This stuff is really no good. Let's not invent any more of it." So, the followers of Confucius and Micius both called their works "texts.
Page 14 - ... of western science, because in them she recognizes the instruments for the realization of new national and economic ideals. Fortunately the people of China have long been democratic in spirit and so has been their educational system. To develop the individual into a man of virtue and culture and to secure social control through raising up leaders with ability and character to influence the lives of others...
Page 21 - Chan, the virtuous women set such an excellent example, that it influenced the customs of the empire — an influence that descended even to the times of the Ching and Wei states. If the curtain of the inner apartment gets thin, or is hung awry (ie if the sexes are not kept apart), disorder will enter the family, and ultimately pervade the empire. Females are doubtless the sources of...
Page 12 - Odes sung at ordinary entertainments given by the suzerain• (c) Odes sung on grand occasions when the feudal nobles were gathered together, (d) Panegyrics and sacrificial odes. Confucius himself attached the utmost importance to his labours in this direction.
Page 12 - I appoint you to be Director of Music, and to teach our sons, so that the straightforward may yet be mild, the gentle may yet be dignified, the strong not tyrannical, and the impetuous not arrogant.
Page 11 - Chinese mind ; and, in my opinion, the Li Ki isper se the most exact and complete monograph that China has been able to give of itself to other nations.
Page 109 - ... the influence which modern education had exerted upon the intellectual or thought life of the people. It is the opinion of many who are in a position to judge that the schools and colleges of China contributed a great share to the revolutionary movement. Education evidently had created in the life of the students, both young and old, an intense dissatisfaction with things as they were and an earnest desire to better the condition of their country both socially and politically. Indeed, it has...
Page 116 - ... defectives, including the deaf and the blind. It is also in charge of matters relating to children's attendance at school and the selection and certification of teachers. The bureau of technical or professional education has charge of all affairs relating to university and college, higher technical school, the sending of students abroad, the national observatory and the preparation of the governmental almanac, the society of doctors of philosophy, the association for the unification of the mother...
Page 139 - In their periodical inspections, no notice whatsoever should be taken by them of the religious doctrines which may be taught in any school ; and their duty should be strictly confined to ascertaining whether the secular knowledge conveyed is such as to entitle it to consideration in the distribution of the sum which will be applied to grants in aid.

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