The Christiana Riot and the Treason Trials of 1851: An Historical Sketch

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Press of the New era printing Company, 1911 - Christiana (Pa.) - 158 pages

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Page 59 - God's ways seem dark, but, soon or late, They touch the shining hills of day ; The evil cannot brook delay, The good can well afford to wait.
Page 57 - Tennesseean set His breast against the bayonet ! In vain Virginia charged and raged, A tigress in her wrath uncaged, Till all the hill was red and wet...
Page 59 - That in cases punishable with death, the trial shall be had in the county where the offence was committed, or where that cannot be done without great inconvenience, twelve petit jurors at least shall be summoned from thence.
Page 57 - They only heard fame's thunder wake, And saw the dazzling sunburst break In smiles on Glory's bloody face! "They fell who lifted up a hand And bade the sun in heaven to stand; ' They smote and fell who set the Bars Against the progress of the Stars And stayed the march of Motherland. "They stood who saw the future come On through the fight's delirium.
Page 57 - They fell, who lifted up a hand And bade the sun in heaven to stand ! They smote and fell, who set the bars Against the progress of the stars, And stayed the march of Motherland ! They stood, who saw the future come On through the fight's delirium! They smote and stood, who held the hope Of nations on that slippery slope Amid the cheers of Christendom.
Page 58 - ... and stood, who held the hope Of nations on that slippery slope, Amid the cheers of Christendom! God lives! He forged the iron will, That clutched and held that trembling hill! God lives and reigns! He built and lent The heights for Freedom's battlement, Where floats her flag in triumph still! Fold up the banners! Smelt the guns! Love rules. Her gentler purpose runs. A mighty mother turns in tears, The pages of her battle years, Lamenting all her fallen sons!
Page 43 - Without desiring to invade the prerogatives of the jury in judging the facts of this case, the court feel bound to say, that they do not think the transaction with which the prisoner is charged with being connected, rises to the dignity of treason or a levying of war; not because the force was insufficient, but, first, for want of any proof of previous conspiracy to make...
Page 43 - These several articles and clauses of the Constitution, all resting on the same authority, must stand or fall together. Some objections have been urged against the details of the act for the return of fugitives from...
Page 59 - The silken gauntlet that is thrown In such a quarrel rings like steel. The brave old strife the fathers saw For Freedom calls for men again Like those who battled not in vain For England's Charter, Alfred's law...
Page 51 - Gorsuch said he was not his man. The only plan left was to call both Pinckney and Johnson again ; for had I called the others, he would have recognized them, for they were his slaves. Abraham Johnson said, "Does such a shrivelled up old slaveholder as you own such a nice, genteel young man as I am?" At this Gorsuch took offence, and charged me with dictating his language. I then told him there were but five of us, which he denied, and still insisted that I had his property. One of the party then...

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