The Church History of Rufinus of Aquileia: Books 10 and 11

Oxford University Press, 25.9.1997 - 160 sivua
Amidon offers the first English translation of Books 10 and 11 of Rufinus' Church History. Books 1-9 comprise a Latin translation of Eusebius' history. Books 10 and 11 are Rufinus' own continuation, covering the period 325-395. As the first Latin church history, this work exerted great influence over the subsequent scholarship of the Western Church.

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Book 10
Book 11

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Sivu 14 - ... and will come to judge the living and the dead; And in the Holy Spirit. But as for those who say, There was when He was not...
Sivu 13 - We believe in one God, the Father Almighty, maker of all things visible and invisible...
Sivu 11 - But he, as though he had nothing whatever that he could say in opposition to this, so astonished was he at the power of what had been said, could only reply to it all that he thought that it was so, and that what had been said was the only truth. . . . The philosopher, turning to his disciples and to those who had gathered to listen, said, "Listen O learned men: so long as it was words with which I had to deal, I set words against words and what was said I refuted with my rhetoric. But when power...
Sivu 13 - God, begotten not made, the same in being [homoousios] as the Father; through whom all things were made, those in heaven and those on earth; who for us men and for our salvation...
Sivu 120 - Die Schrift des Apolinarius von Laodicea gegen Photin (Pseudo-Athanasius, contra Sabellianos) und Basilius von Casarca (PTS 30), Berlin/New York 1989.

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