The Co-heiress of Willingham

J. Masters, 1854 - 250 sidor
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Sida 6 - Sets forth the great advantage that would accrue to the Church if the young persons of the middle classes were aroused to consider the full extent of her claims upon them, as well as on their superiors in wealth or station.
Sida 14 - A Glossary of the Principal Words used in a Figurative, Typical, or Mystical sense in the Holy Scriptures ; with their...
Sida 42 - Prospects of the National Society for the Education of the Poor in the Principles of the Established Church.
Sida 5 - Sleeping:" a Christmas Carol. The music by HJ Gauntlett, Mus. Doc. is. GAUNTLETT.— The Child's Grace before and after Meat, set to simple music. 6d. GAUNTLETT.— Quire Psalter, Selections from the, being the Psalms according to the Use of the Book of Common Prayer, set forth and arranged to upwards of five hundred Chants.
Sida 27 - ... and good men by whom the Gospel was brought into this land : to those who have toiled and suffered in its defence in every age ; or to those who In the privacy of their own homes have lived the most saintly lives among us, there is no accessible record concerning them which we can place in the hands of our people. From these sources it will be the object of the present undertaking to provide a series of interesting Biographical Sketches for general reading. Already published. No.
Sida 47 - Jesuitism in the Church. A Brief Address to Churchmen, pointing out the true quarter in which, if anywhere, we are now to look for it.
Sida 14 - NEALE.— Appendix to the Introduction to the History of the Holy Eastern Church ; containing a List of the Sees. Is. NEALE.— The History of the Patriarchate of Alexandria. Two vols., 24s. NEALE.— History of the Patriarchates of Antioch and Jerusalem Preparing. NEALE.— The Bible and the Bible only the Religion of Protestants.
Sida 4 - BURIAL OF THE DEAD, The Order for the. Printed in large type, on a board for attendants, 6d. BUTLER, — Sermons for Working Men in Country Parishes, by the Rev. WJ Butler, MA Bold Type, 6s.

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