The Code of Civil Procedure: Being Act XIV of 1882, as Amended by Acts VI, VII, and X of 1888; Act VIII of 1890, and Act VI of 1892, with Notes and an Appendix

Thacker, Spink, 1893 - 819 頁

讀者評論 - 撰寫評論





第 60 頁 - of any defendant it shall appear that such joinder may " embarrass or delay the trial of the action, the Court or a " judge may order separate trials or make such other order as " may be expedient. And judgment may be given for such one or " more of the plaintiffs as may be found to be entitled to relief, " for such relief as he or they may be entitled to, without any
第 63 頁 - Where an action has been commenced in the name of the wrong person as plaintiff, or where it is doubtful whether it has been commenced in the name of the right plaintiff...
第 152 頁 - ... were respectively written, signed, or executed, as they purport respectively to have been ; that such as are specified as copies are true copies ; and such documents as are stated to have been served, sent, or delivered, were so served, sent, or delivered respectively ; saving all just exceptions to the admissibility of all such documents as evidence in this cause.
第 212 頁 - ... current rate of interest, from the time when such debts or sums certain were payable, if such debts or sums be payable by virtue of some written instrument at a certain time, or if payable otherwise, then from the time when demand of payment shall have been made in writing, so as such demand shall give notice to the debtor that interest will be claimed from the date of such demand, until the term of payment. Provided that interest shall be payable in all cases in which it is now payable by law.
第 172 頁 - ... writing to amend by or not, and whether the defect or error be that of the party applying to amend or not ; and all such amendments may be made with or without costs, and upon such terms as to the court or judge may seem fit ; and all such amendments as may be necessary for the purpose of determining in the existing suit the real question in controversy between the parties shall be so made.
第 28 頁 - No Court shall try any suit or issue ; " "' in which the matter directly and substantially in issue has been directly and substantially in issue in a former suit between the same parties, or between parties under whom they or any of them claim, litigating under the same title, in a Court of jurisdiction competent to try such subsequent suit or the suit in which such issue has been subsequently raised, and has been heard and finally decided by such Court.
第 450 頁 - ... tending to render the judgment ineffectual, a temporary injunction may be granted, to restrain such act. And where during the pendency of an action, it shall appear by affidavit, that the defendant threatens, or is about to remove, or dispose of his property, with intent to defraud his creditors, a temporary injunction may be granted to restrain such removal or disposition.
第 99 頁 - ... that the same is true of his own knowledge, except as to matters therein stated to be alleged upon information and belief, and that as to those matters he believes it to be true.
第 321 頁 - In any action for breach of contract to deliver specific or ascertained goods the court may, if it thinks fit, on the application of the plaintiff, by its judgment or decree direct that the contract shall be performed specifically, without giving the defendant the option of retaining the goods on payment of damages.
第 160 頁 - If any party fails to comply with any order to answer interrogatories, or for discovery or inspection of documents, he shall be liable to attachment. He shall also, if a plaintiff, be liable to have his action dismissed for want of prosecution, and, if a defendant, to have his defence, if any, struck out, and to be placed in the same position as if he had not defended, and the party interrogating may apply to the Court or a judge for an order to that effect, and an order may be made accordingly.