The Code of Federal Regulations of the United States of America

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1976 - Administrative law
The Code of Federal Regulations is the codification of the general and permanent rules published in the Federal Register by the executive departments and agencies of the Federal Government.

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Page 372 - Commercial Fisheries, Bureau of Committee on Purchases of Blind-Made Products Commodity Credit Corporation Commodity Exchange Authority Commodity Exchange Commission...
Page 344 - Within the United States or within a territory or insular possession subject to the dominion of the United States, depositions shall be taken before an officer authorized to administer oaths by the laws of the United States or of the place where the examination is held, or before a person appointed by the court in which the action is pending. A person so appointed has power to administer oaths and take testimony.
Page 346 - As TO COMPLETION AND RETURN OF DEPOSITION. Errors and irregularities in the manner in which the testimony is transcribed or the deposition is prepared, signed, certified, sealed, indorsed, transmitted, filed, or otherwise dealt with by the officer under...
Page 344 - States, and persons taking depositions shall be entitled to the same fees as are paid for like services In the courts of the United States, to be paid by the party at whose request the deposition Is taken.
Page 375 - Comptroller of the Currency, Bureau of Customs Bureau Federal Procurement Regulations System Fiscal Service Foreign Assets Control, Office of Internal Revenue Service Monetary Offices Narcotics Bureau Secret Service Secretary of the Treasury, Office of United States...
Page 227 - All active underground working places in a mine shall be ventilated by a current of air containing not less than 19.5 per centum of oxygen, not more than 0.5 per centum of carbon dioxide, and no harmful quantities of other noxious or poisonous gases.
Page 346 - Errors and irregularities occurring at the oral examination in the manner of taking the deposition, in the form of the questions or answers, in the oath or affirmation, or in the conduct of parties and errors of any kind which might be obviated, removed, or cured if promptly presented, are waived unless seasonable objection thereto is made at the taking of the deposition.
Page 227 - In bituminous-coal or lignite mines the quantity of air reaching the last open crosscut in any pair or set of entries shall not be less than 6,000 cubic feet a minute, except that the quantity of air reaching the last open crosscut in any pair or set of entries in pillar sections may be less than 6,000 cubic feet a minute if not less than 6,000 cubic feet of air a...
Page 270 - ... containing oil, gas, or water or to coal measures or other mineral deposits, or which is dangerous to life or property or wasteful of oil...
Page 329 - REQUIREMENTS FOR LESSEES 250.30 Lease terms, regulations, waste, damage, and safety. The lessee shall comply with the terms of applicable laws and regulations, the lease terms, OCS Orders and other written orders and rules of the supervisor, and with oral orders of the supervisor. All such oral orders shall be effective when issued, and are to be confirmed in writing as provided in 250.11.

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