The Complete Bird Owner's Handbook

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Wiley, Jun 21, 1994 - Pets - 352 pages
The Complete Bird Owner's Handbook is the long-awaited second edition of Dr. Gary A. Gallerstein's benchmark text, Bird Owner's Home Health and Care Handbook. The title of this edition reflects the fact that this book is the most thorough and current work in print for all bird owners at all levels and professionals, too. Here you will find the answers to all your questions and instructions for the needs of every bird you own—one or an aviary full. Look through it once and see for yourself. Presented in four parts and fifteen chapters, The Complete Bird Owner's Handbook furnishes guidance in getting started, shows how to achieve optimum condition in health care, helps you to be more informed in medicine and provides a reference section that helps you better understand your bird and what it needs for a happy, healthy life. User-friendly from cover to cover, The Complete Bird Owner's Handbook provides an index of signs to help in emergencies and a general index to locate any topic in seconds. An excellent bibliography directs you to additional sources of information, and the many superb photos and drawings lend graphic emphasis to the detailed text. While no book can ever supplant prof essional veterinary care, The Complete Bird Owner's Handbook will provide you with the insights you need to help your bird's doctor when the need arises. You'll consider The Complete Bird Owner's Handbook the most essential book in your avian library—a constant source of reliable advice, assistance and assurance for your bird's well-being.

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About the author (1994)

About the Authors Gary A. Gallerstein, D.V.M. Dr. Gallerstein is a practicing veterinarian and owner of Acacia Animal Hospital in Escondido, California. At Acacia, he and his associates take care of over 10,000 patients of all species, including birds, dog, cats, small mammals, reptiles and other exotic pets. Dr. Gallerstein's primary interest is birds, their medical and surgical needs as well as the education of their owners. Graduating from the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of California, Davis, in 1978, Dr. Gallerstein began developing his avian medical expertise at a large group practice in San Francisco. He has never looked back. His dedication to avian medicine has been a source of inspiration to many young students. He is an active member of many professional organizations, bird clubs and other animal-related groups. A widely requested speaker at both local and national seminars, as well as all levels of public schools, Dr. Gallerstein stays very involved in his profession. Dr. Gallerstein realized very early that many bird owners lacked informative, educational material about their birds. He took their needs very seriously, and that concern led to his becoming an author. His first book, Bird Owner's Home Health and Care Handbook, published in 1984, has been considered the standard in the bird care field since it first appeared. The goal he had of creating a practical, easy to read, complete guide for bird owners had been met. Rapid advancements in the field of avian medicine, nutrition and husbandry dictated the need for a more current reference source. Dr. Gallerstein's second book, The Complete Bird Owner&s Handbook, is even more complete, yet remains as practical and "user friendly" as the first. In his spare time, he and his family enjoy the numerous outdoor activities available in southern California. Heather Acker, A.H.T. Heather was only seven years old when she decided her life's work would involve animals. Childhood dreams do come true! In addition to working in the veterinary medical field since 1974, she is a registered Animal Health Technician (A.H.T.) and has earned her community college teaching credential in animal health. Since 1982, she has been working with Dr. Gellerstein at the Acacia Animal Hospital. Her interest in birds has involved both breeding and medical aspects. In addition, her diverse background also includes working at the San Diego Wild Animal Park in the veterinary department. Heather lives with all her animals (and husband, Bob) on the Renegade Ranch in Ramona, California. Betty Byers Schmidt Betty cannot remember a time in her life when she was without a bird. She has been actively involved in breeding birds since 1968. She has owned as many as 300 birds and has handfed as many as eighty to ninety baby birds at one time. Betty believes the success of the captive-bred pet bird population is dependent upon cooperation among breeders. Sharing successes, failures and genetic information is vital to the future of pet birds. A long-term member of the Hookbill Hobbyists, a large San Diego bird club, she is currently on the board of directors. In addition, the new role of "grandma" is keeping her very busy! Christine Davis Christine has been an avian behavior consultant since 1974. She works primarily by telephone from her southern California office. The number of world-wide clientele she serves attests to the fact that bird owners are eager to understand their "feathered friends" and are willing to put both time and effort into doing so. Christine feels that the key to raising young birds properly and humanely changing undesirable behaviors of adult birds is to understand the bird's needs and motivations. She urges all animal people to truly appreciate and enjoy their special companions. Most importantly, always love them for what they are—not for what we want them to be. Mike and Deb Morrison Mike and Deb Morrison are the owners of D & M Bird Farm in San Diego, California. They are the innovators of "Aquabrood," a baby bird brooder or animal intensive care unit. They both feel the future of aviculture lies in the hands of hobbyists and professional bird breeders. In order to sustain the survival of all currently available species, breeders should specialize in at least one species for aviculture, as well as familiar "pet trade" varieties. Most importantly, breeders should strive to keep complete, accurate records, share experiences and expand their knowledge. They also need to work cooperatively with other breeders to trade offsping to help maintain viable genetic diversity. Nicole Perretta Nicole is an accomplished illustrator at the ripe "old" age of twenty-one. She has studied and drawn birds since early childhood. Nicole is a falconer and also rehabilitates injured wild birds. She is working to attain a master's degree, both in fine art and ornithology. Many of her own birds were used as models for this project.

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