The Complete Hamburger: The History of America's Favorite Sandwich

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Carol Publishing Group, 1997 - Social Science - 158 pages
- Where's the best burger joint in Dallas?

- What was the first fast-food franchise?

- Who invented the hamburger bun?

- How are burgers made in Bangladesh?

The answers to these questions and much more can be found in The Complete Hamburger, an entertaining and information-packed exploration of our country's signature sandwich.

Ronald L. McDonald is the nephew of the original founders of the McDonald's chain and a long-time restaurant business executive. He's had a lifelong love affair with the hamburger, and in this book he shares his passion, his favorite restaurants and recipes, and a wealth of burger lore to delight anyone interested in American popular culture, cuisine, or commerce.

McDonald traces the hamburger's origins to a patty of raw lamb shavings carried by Genghis Khan's Mongol army, through its culinary evolution in the inns of sixteenth-century Germany, and on to the new United States, where it became a favorite, economical food for immigrants of all cultures.

He also provides a fascinating look into the hamburger industry, from the moment when a young grill cook in Texas first decided to surround a burger with bread, to the new business practices and food technology that helped launch the very first hamburger chain (White Castle), to the evolution of today's titanic, international, ruthlessly competitive fast-food business -- with special attention to the revolutionary contributions of the McDonald's chain.

The Complete Hamburger also includes:

- A worldwide tour of the burger's many manifestations, from yak burgers in Mongolia to caribou burgers in Lapland

- The world's strangest, biggest, hottest, and oldest burgers revealed

- Expertrecommendations on the best burger joints in the world

- Mouthwatering and unusual burger recipes (peanut butter burgers?)

Filled with juicy burger trivia, fascinating photos, and inspirational examples of good old-fashioned American ingenuity in action, The Complete Hamburger is as irresistible as a hot-off-the-grill quarter pounder -- with far fewer calories! -- for burger lovers and pop culture aficionados.

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