The Condensed Distribution of Lives

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Dilives Publishing, 2012 - Income distribution - 244 pages
Distribution of Lives provides a completely new, highly-precise method for viewing and understanding income distribution from bottom to top. It provides solutions not seen before. Dilives (Distribution of Lives) illustrates the profound adverse impact of maldistribution on individuals and the economy as a whole. If you ever needed ammunition to support your case that equitable income distributions are essential for our families, for our friends, for our nation, for our world, you will find it here. Within Dilives you will find surprises and a story not told elsewhere. The central economic story of our time is how the United States and others went from equitable distributions that existed from the 1950s through 1970s into profound maldistribution. The prevailing economic theories that financial and monetary manipulations can be corrective in spite of maldistribution are proven wrong here. It is perilous to presuppose that such theories can produce a thriving economy when the majority have plainly been harmed to benefit the few. Even if one were to have unstoppable misanthropic tendencies, Dilives is so plainly clear and obvious that pure pragmatism mandates fixes. The book is not about whining. It is about answers, reasons, and demonstrations. The unabridged Distribution of Lives is 345 pages (excluding appendix and endnotes); the condensed version, 195 pages. The condensed version does not include Chapters 4, 5, 7, 8 and 9, which deal primarily with economics and U.S. history. Otherwise the two are identical.

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This is my brother. For one thing, he was a thief to every occasion trust would be accounted. His hatred of God is his economy. From his quaint side, while I was to have received directly from Philadelphia a provident sum, he assists me with a trust in Virginia. After subordinating all of my interests, says "He Goddamn does not pay debt". What is income distribution after that? Any one that would look sees that I can not enter the court system in Virginia because Virginia works on a statute of limitations on all of its laws. Anyone that has difficulty in Virginia is psychiatrically handled. I never knew who this family was until it came to money. They are the enemy of life on earth. Killing people means nothing to him.
I was never was properly introduced to my mother. She put me in a hospital one month after the USMC and was never interested in me until I was 24 years old. As the legal heir to the estate, Joseph Y. Jeanes, Sr, had promised me a 20% - my brother was happy to leave me on the public dole. Every year they haunt me with frivolous law suits on not liking that I openly disdain Virginia as thief of state and cultural dog of Earth. They stole my property in Trust as family and want to talk about distribution of wealth... these people are thieves.

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