The Construction of Graphical Charts

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McGraw-Hill Book Company, Incorporated, 1919 - Charts, diagrams, etc - 158 pages
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Page 60 - Also find its moment of inertia about an axis perpendicular to its plane and passing through the center of mass.
Page 54 - ... •v is the velocity in feet per second, and r is the radius of the circle in feet.
Page 114 - These three equations have the general form ax + by + c = o, where a is the coefficient of x, b is the coefficient of y and c is a constant, a, b and c may have any value, positive or negative, or may be zero.
Page 71 - Furthermore, the value of a, which is the tangent of the angle made by the line with the axis of x, is an index of the degree of inequality of the distribution of wealth.
Page 67 - In concluding this subject, it might be well to call attention to the fact that the whole of said sum of $26,500 was not expended by the bank.
Page 15 - Av,--+C, (9) <f> where A , B, and C are constants. This is the equation of a...
Page 54 - The above equation can then be written as = w g' or f = ^a, (8) in which / is the force in pounds, w is the weight in pounds, g is the acceleration of gravity in feet per second per second, and a is the acceleration produced, measured in feet per second per second.

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